Derrick Kirk a Rising Talent Among Motivational Speakers

Derrick Kirk has quickly established himself as a talented motivational speaker, becoming highly sought after by those looking to inspire an audience. He was recently chosen to be the keynote speaker at the annual National Lifeline Association Conference (NaLA) taking place in New Orleans, LA May 15-17.

During the NaLA Conference, Kirk will share with government officials and corporate executives his story of overcoming poverty and neglect. Now a successful entrepreneur, he will demonstrate first-hand how different paths can lead to the same place.

Kirk has spent the past several months visiting alternative and underprivileged educational institutions in order to deliver his message of perseverance, with the goal of encouraging at-risk youth to stay in school. He has tailored his speaking to age groups ranging from middle school to young adults.

“These kids are shocked when I tell them my story,” Kirk said. “I have yet to be in a classroom where any of the students had more obstacles to overcome, or less guidance than me as a child. That gets their attention. I fully expected them to be indifferent or maybe even a little annoyed with the topic, but at my very first school appearance the students gave me a standing ovation.”

Kirk has since been invited out to many more schools and events. Now set to deliver a keynote address, his speaking career has risen to new heights. “My diverse life experience has given me so much to offer,” he said. “I can relate to pretty much any audience.”

Kirk was once an orphan, and a homeless teen. His advantage lies in the uniqueness of his story. Combined with his captivating delivery style, that distinctiveness allows him to command a room – and others have taken notice.

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Derrick Kirk is a motivational speaker currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is also the founder of the Derrick Kirk Foundation, serving underprivileged youth and families across the nation.

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