Miss Fashion Week Launches #YouAreEnough Campaign

Riding on the success of the campaign in 2017 which featured a perfect symphony of modeling and pageantry, Miss Fashion Week has taken on greater challenges and the organization is set on promoting the virtues of self-love, body-positivity, and diversity. To this end, the #YouAreEnough campaign has been launched; a project which is dedicated to providing support and ensuring a positive self-image among females worldwide.

Miss Fashion Week in the past has shown tremendous commitment to empowerment and unabashed acceptance, a feature which was evinced in the grand finale of their 2016 campaign. With a modeling concept which rivals projects like Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, and other international model competitions, Miss Fashion Week has shown itself to be a truly disruptive organization which doesn’t settle for less. 22 models were hosted from 18 different countries and by doing this, Miss Fashion Week conveniently raised the bar for other modeling and fashion organizations. The #YouAreEnough project was initiated to address the fact that over 80% of women worldwide are not comfortable with who they are.

Miss Fashion Week is widely renowned for an eclectic approach to pageantry and the 2018 pageant season begins soon with a variety of programs planned (Miss Fashion Week Universe, Miss Teen Fashion Week, Miss Fashion Week Runway, Miss Fashion Week Petite, Miss Fashion Week Curvy and Miss Fashion Week International). In the history of modeling and pageantry, this is the first organization allowing both petite and plus-sized entries, a giant stride in the right direction for humanity. All of Miss Fashion Week Contestants are also ambassadors of the #YouAreEnough project and they advocate body-positivity, self-love and leadership ability.

The organization also boasts industry veterans like Rhonda Vetere – a seasoned technology expert who has led 21 successful global mergers, bagging 12 awards in the process and Larry Namer- the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television with over 45 years of pertinent industry experience. These additions attest to the forward-thinking values of the organization steered by Vera Viviona Wang. She explained to the media how the organization is growing at a tremendous pace, with the addition of nine global partners yearly.

 Vera, who has first-hand experience of the suffering that women go through all over the world, asserted this, “We are the first platform ever in human history to take in petite and curvy. We want to empower women of all ages to embrace themselves for who they are, which in turn helps them boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. The organization is growing tremendously, adding nine global partners in the past year.  All of our partners work together as a family helping each other grow and encouraging each other.  We are passionate about our mission and all of our fashion models are confident and love themselves.”

As a means of expanding the global reach and creating more awareness, plans to launch a reality television show are ongoing and the vision is to create a platform which allows women all over the world embrace positive self-image and self-confidence.

The general public can learn more about the initiative here or take the #YouAreEnough pledge here.

The 2018 pageant season begins soon with gala events held in glamorous locations around the world.  To learn more about Miss Fashion Week, submit an application as a model for a 2018 competition, or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please visit http://www.missfw.com/ or email team@missfw.com.

About Miss Fashion Week

Miss Fashion Week is the pioneer organization bridging modeling with pageantry and the organization has a proclivity for truly embracing diversity. Fashion Week crowns in five categories including petite, plus, runway, teen and international. Miss Fashion Week offers everyone a platform to pursue their passion and promotes a positive self-image, self-love, and self-confidence.

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