Georgia Rapping Phenomenon Queezy Drops Debut Album A Millie

ATLANTA, GA – April 14th, 2018 – Women rappers dominate the current scene, bringing about a revival in the genre that experienced its heyday in the ‘90s. A new representative with a fresh take on both rap and hip hop – who, however, does not stray far from the principles that have come to define the two genres – has recently released her first completed work, which is gaining traction in the digital downloading charts. Queezy, stage name of Aljah White, has just come out with A Millie, an album that establishes her sound and showcases her prowess as a lyricist and performer.

Influenced by hip hop legends like Da Brat, OutKast, Eightball and MJG, Queezy has coined her signature sound, the “Queezy Bounce”, which runs through every track of A Millie, imprinting in deeply into listeners’ consciousness and making it instantly synonymous with the artist. Queezy already counts significant collaborations with fellow up-and-coming artists Bigga Man, BVI and BGE, as well as with prominent entertainment companies such as Hot Noize Mag Ent., and is currently exploring future work with established producers and like-minded representatives of the local Atlanta scene alike.

“I think I sound like a small piece of my inspirations but in my own way…it’s still me. Most of my shows are like a touch of motivation, mixed with a bounce of hip hop, and a dash of some bass. I like to connect with my audience via my words” said Queezy. “Everybody can vibe to a beat but if they take time to listen to what you’re saying, that makes its more.”

A Millie is available for downloading on the iTunes store, while it can also be streamed for free on Apple Music.

Queezy’s representatives shared that potential tour dates and appearances made in support of A Millie will be announced in future communications with the press.

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