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Pamela Breedlove has over 20 years of experience to bring to the litigation tables. In 1992, she obtained her law degree from Georgia State University where she graduated seventh in her class. She began practicing law in Louisiana and Georgia in 1992 and has been working for the people ever since.

Opening a Law Firm

On July 1, 2012, Breedlove Law Firm came to be. After many years of practicing law, Pamela Breedlove decided to strike out on her own. With pages of accolades to back her, she was able to build a successful career landing her in a situation to open up her own firm.

Areas of Expertise

Breedlove Law Firm has many areas of expertise in which to help their clients. Their number one practice is mediation. Mediation is a way for both parties involved to come to an agreement without the need for a judge. A third party helps to reconcile differences with the voluntary participation of all parties involved. A mediator does not impede judgment. Instead, they help a mutual agreement to be reached through a negotiation process. The use of mediation at Breedlove Law Firm is in the fields of civil and family issues. Mediation is a great option for parties not wanting to pursue arbitration or litigation in a matter.

Another area of their expertise involves healthcare law. Healthcare law is an ever-changing set of standards. They include acute care, physicians, insurance, HIPAA regulations, and other areas of the healthcare system. Pamela Breedlove represents acute care, surgical access, critical care, physicians, and DME companies in northern Louisiana. When in need of an attorney for a healthcare issue, Breedlove Law Firm should be your top choice.

Why Choose Breedlove Law Firm

Breedlove Law Firm began with the care of many demographics in mind. They are not all about landing in a courtroom and winning the case. The use of mediation supports this idea. When choosing Breedlove Law Firm, care is given to each client. Their clients are their number one priority. Only at Breedlove Law Firm can you get your specific needs met and a decision agreed upon where all parties come out happy. One cannot go wrong with Breedlove Law Firm.

Another reason to choose Breedlove Law Firm is having peace of mind. With a lawyer like Pamela Breedlove, peace of mind comes with knowing her experiences. Her accolades speak for themselves. She has also been given the honor of being the city attorney for Grambling, Louisiana and if the city trusts her, then so can her clients! Contact Breedlove Law Firm today to schedule your consultation with the premier attorney of northern Louisiana. You will not regret it!

About Breedlove Law Firm:

This firm is located in Louisiana and has provided legal guidance to its clients since 1992. The attorneys at Breedlove Law Firm are dedicated to finding solutions for their clients and have had great success in family law, mediation, and legal issues regarding health care.

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