Bingo Maker app allows the user to make personalized Bingo cards and play Bingo

The newly launched Bingo Maker app allows users to create their own personalized bingo cards by importing images around the cards as well as by playing games with the online bingo caller. It’s an easy to use app and even enables the user to simulate the game of Bingo and predict the winners. The users will have the option of generating 25 to 500 bingo cards with numbers or custom text lines. They can create the design by choosing an image and predicting the outcome of a game.

Bingo Maker is a one of its kind app where anyone can organize a Bingo game like a pro. Once the cards are created, the user can print the number of cards needed and start playing. To use the application, the user just needs to create a unique account using Facebook or Email &a password. After creating the user account for the first time, the user will also receive 2 free credits to try the application, which can be used to generate 25 Bingo cards. It only takes three steps to personalize all the projects that are automatically saved in the user’s account.

Once the account is setup, the user can create a new project, enter the information and generate the random bingo cards. They can design the cards by importing images available around the card model. After this, the user can simply print the cards and distribute them among the players in order to start playing through the online bingo caller.The user can also simulate the bingo game with the cards they have generated and predict the winning cards and plan the outcome of the bingo.

All the cards generated by the application are listed by the project in the table of the app’s main page. Using this system, the user can manage their projects and create other versions of the earlier projects. Through the top right menu, the user can add credits, view their transaction history, edit their profile and communicate with the support team.

Once everything is set up, the user can start the game by clicking on the button “Make a draw” to draw random numbers. By using the automatic draw function, the user can avoid the hassle of clicking manually every time. The organizer can call out the displayed number aloud and the players who have that number can identify the squares with a bingo marker or a bingo chip. The players will continue to mark the numbers until someone gets a winning combination.

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