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Finding top local companies is easier than ever with Selectedly’s Top 10 lists

APRIL 16, 2018 – When it comes to finding the best local companies, consumers often find themselves inundated with a sea of options. For instance, online searches for local companies often yield a tangled web of websites, directory listings, and social media pages with varying ratings and testimonies. This trend has left many consumers wondering how they can truly find the very best local businesses. One company, Selectedly, is offering a solution.

Selectedly is a streamlined independent research and survey company, and while there are many websites claiming to help consumers find the best businesses out there, Selectedly is the only one to offer such a high quality of local value.

The crown jewel of Selectedly’s offerings is their Top 10 listing service. Through this unique service, Selectedly conducts rigorous review of local companies across various industries. This yields consumers top 10 companies in their local area for the product or service they are searching for. This service is a true data research solution, meaning that consumers receive valuable data regarding their unique top 10 list. This true data is available for every single region; in order for a company to be considered for the top 10 list, they have to score at least a 90% within the true data parameters.

Local companies are in constant struggle to appear online, because this is how most consumers do their research when looking for a product or service in their area. The days of opening up a phone book are long gone, and searching online is the new standard. Companies work hard to cultivate the best ratings and reviews online, and sometimes they even buy these to enhance their reputation. Companies also rely on other tactics to get their businesses to the top of search rankings. These strategies do help companies get noticed first, but they don’t necessarily ensure that the business is the best of the best.

That’s the precise problem Selectedly aims to solve. With 100% accuracy assurance, Selectedly surveys and research mean that consumers have a reliable new source for identifying which local companies truly are the best. These businesses can include lawyers, doctors, contractors, and much more. When companies are selected for Selectedly’s top 10 list, they receive a Selectedly certificate. This is the seal of local perfection in service and quality.

“We offer verified research designed especially for all of the people who hired a company that failed them,” said the Selectedly team. “We are here to make sure that our TOP-10companies are the best companies in your region – guaranteed.”

Currently, Selectedly offers top 10 company listings in Denver, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Businesses can apply to take the survey and see if they are top 10 material. A recently published video offers more about Selectedly. More information can be found at

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Selectedly is the top independent research and survey company, offering information on the top 10 companies in each client’s respective area for the most accurate, relevant background data possible.

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