China-Hifi-Audio Retails Different Tube Amplifiers Of Well-known Brands Worldwide Since 2008

China-Hifi-Audio is a well-known and established online retailer of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, power amp, audiophile valve amp, power cables and power filter sockets etc. The company has been selling hi-fi audio products and accessories since 2008.

Vacuum tube stereo amplifiers may seem passé to modern-day audiophiles for whom admiring music on Bluetooth speakers and MP3 players is the norm. Vacuum tubes held sway and ruled the roost in the world of amplifiers until the advent of the transistor in the 50s. Nevertheless, the appeal of tube amps continues to be irresistible to a section of music enthusiasts who get an adrenaline rush when they see the flickering orange glow in the glass tubes. There exist a good proportion of music aficionados who still swear by classic tube amps and firmly believe that these antiquated audio pieces are far superior to solid-state products. China-Hifi-Audio is a renowned online outlet retailing tube amps, hi-fi CD player, valve preamps, power amplifiers of noted brands, including Bewitch 6550 amplifier.

China-Hifi-Audio has been selling vacuum tube stereo amplifiers, valve preamps, cables, hi-end audio racks, and CD players of eminent brands including Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, and many others. The company is a reputed dealer of Bewitch 6550 amplifier.

China-Hifi-Audio Retails Different Tube Amplifiers Of Well-known Brands Worldwidely Since 2008

Listening to music on the ‘Bewitch 6550 EH Russian Tube Hi-fi Integrated Amplifier Deluxe Edition 2018’ is surely an unprecedented experience and for good reasons. For a start, this tube amp is delivered in a robust cage-style cover that offers comprehensive protection to the vacuum tubes. The piece is operated by dual, mono-block power supply (high voltage and low voltage) that results in a 90dB signal-to-noise ratio, eventually enabling the owner to enjoy clear, crisp music. The audio is extremely soothing also because of the EI output transformer and the completely balanced amplifier circuit.

The vacuum tubes used in the amplifiers not only last long but can also be replaced when these become dysfunctional. China hi-fi retails replacement tubes of a few distinguished brands like PSVANE, Natural Sound Electron, and Shuguang Treasure. The firm vends a near endless range of PSVANE tube including but not limited to ‘PSVANE WE300B Plus Western Electric Replica tubes best matched pair valve 300B’, ‘PSVANE WE845 Plus Western Electric Replica tubes best matched pair valve 845’ and so on. The PSVANE WE300B PlUS tubes fully adhere to the American Western Electric 1960s conventional hardy construction mode and can rival any traditional tube amp in terms of build quality and sound.

Line Magnetic Audio has been coming up with hi-fi audio products since 2005 including tube amps, Classic field coil speakers, Classic horns, and DACs. China hi-fi sells a total of 19 models of Line Magnetic Audio LM Tube amplifier. Some of these models include the ‘Line Magnetic Audio LM-211 IA EL34 x 4 tube integrated amplifier, ‘Line Magnetic Audio LM-216IA  KT 88 x 4 tube integrated amplifier’, and so on.

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China-Hifi-Audio has built up and cemented its goodwill by selling a variety of hi-fi audio products since 2008. In order to know more about the company buyers can check out the website mentioned above.

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