DeepOnion Set To Introduce Vote Central

DeepOnion cryptocurrency is set to introduce Vote Central – a voting platform based on blockchain technology which purpose is to gather opinions and votes concerning big ideas and essential decisions when it comes to the project.

Vote Central will allow every member of the community the right to apply for voting and his/her opinion concerning the specific proposal. The weight of the vote will be based on ONION wallet balance and contribution to the community. Every member will need to submit a sign-up message to prove their balance.

The introduction of Vote Central by the DeepOnion team is a sign that there is awareness when it comes to the value that community has brought to DeepOnion. This dedicated web app where all important community decisions will be made gives the community the opportunity to dictate the path of this currency, and lets everyone’s voice be heard.

Vote Central is a big addition to DeepOnion as its feature shows that the whole project is based on innovative thinking and bold moves. The dev team’s goal is not only to help DeepOnion succeed as an anonymous cryptocurrency but also to help bring world peace one day with the help of Vote Central.

There will be three expected concentric circles of voting through Vote Central. The inner circle (core) consists of DeepOnion’s dev team and initial founders. Surrounding this are DeepOnion’s airdrop founders who have the right to vote in Vote Central and finally, the exterior consists of long-term DeepOnion supporters, and those who have made significant contributions towards the project.

To use Vote Central, the user has to first register with his/her username, wallet address, signed message, password and language. When a user is registering, Vote Central will store user type as ‘HOLDER’ in database, and can also be changed by admin.

After registration, user approval status is in ‘PENDING’ state. Admin has to change the status from ‘PENDING’ to ‘APPROVE’. If admin REJECT the approval status, then user can’t login to system. User can login to system only when admin approve. (i.e. only in ‘APPROVE’ state user can login).

If a user enters their username, password and captcha code correctly and approval status is in ‘APPROVE’ state, then the user can login to the system and be able to apply for voting and state their opinion on all proposals for the future of DeepOnion.

DeepOnion is introducing Vote Central to ensure that their users can shape the future of the DeepOnion project which is very interesting and unique when compared to many other cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, it reflects peoples’ sentiments towards the DeepOnion project and their willingness to be involved, support and participate.

Privacy is the single most important factor with crypto space. Most cryptocurrencies have a major privacy problem and this has sparked the search for “the next privacy cryptocurrency.” Several attempts have been made by simply replicating these cryptocurrencies to make the transactions anonymous. This is definitely a good start, but it’s not all that is needed. Ultimately, people will always break the weakest link to destroy a chain on an end-to-end transaction. Even if a transaction itself is private, what about everything else? What about keeping transactional communication and purchase history private?

DeepOnion is an exceptional contender in the privacy-centric cryptocurrency race. If you want true privacy when dealing with cryptocurrencies, DeepOnion is hands down one of the best cryptocurrencies when it comes to keeping everything private.

DeepOnion is making innovational efforts to become the leader of privacy based cryptocurrencies. They will have a budget of 3,000,000 Onion currency that people will be able to submit proposals on how they use this dev fund. This new development will additionally give DeepOnion an edge in the privacy field over other cryptocurrencies.

The community is governing the future for DeepOnion cryptocurrency, rather than leaving it up to just the developers. DeepOnion’s strength stems above all else from its massive community, reputation and support of its network. There are many cryptocurrencies available that fall short of mainstream adoption due to their small user base and lacklustre promotion. DeepOnion clearly understands how vital the social aspect is and from inception have always placed the community formation with the utmost importance. All community members are looking forward to future implementations and features that will improve transaction privacy even further.

For the developers, making DeepOnion one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies is the primary objective. They are determined to always improve its privacy and security. This shows that DeepOnion has great potential.

About DeepOnion Cryptocurrency

DeepOnion is an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. It is a revolutionary community driven project aimed at producing a unique privacy conscious cryptocurrency.

DeepOnion promotes privacy and anonymity for cryptocurrency users by reducing the likelihood of identification by legal and illegal entities through the incorporation of industry-leading cryptography and anonymity-centric networking protocols.

DeepOnion strives to become the premier privacy-centric cryptocurrency by improving the current state-of-the-art and introducing novel blockchain technologies. They incorporate the latest privacy standards into our technology stack, such as the inclusion of the latest TOR protocol to ensure that our community members remain secure and anonymous in all aspects of their finances. They further this by adding voting mechanisms such as VoteCentral to allow anonymous, democratic representation of DeepOnion’s future development.

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