First Chinese Conference on Happiness Welfare to be held 10 years after Sichuan Earthquake

On the 12th of April, the NASDAQ billboard at the New York Times Square sent out a message that the very first Chinese conference on Happiness Welfare will be held in Sichuan, 10 years after the shocking Earthquake.


The Conference will be held by Wish1000 Foundation, a 5A public welfare foundation focusing on happiness education, in conjunction with Keystone Culture Co., Ltd, a leading creative branding service agency in Beijing.


The Conference aims to introduce the idea of “happiness welfare”, through the perspective of Wish1000 Foundation’s decade-long assistance to Sichuan. In 2008, the province was struck by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, causing huge numbers of deaths and injuries, and destroying numerous buildings, including schools. A group of young people travelled to the province offering mental assistance to earthquake victims and made them the promise “We will come back every year, as long as we’re alive!”. More and more people joined in the group through the years, which eventually formed today’s Wish1000 Foundation. 10 years later, back at the heart of Sichuan, Wish1000 Foundation launches the 1st Chinese Conference on Happiness Welfare. The 2-day conference will include shows, auctions and parties, which will build up an immersive, heartwarming experience about love and happiness.


Li Zuxiao, chairman of Wish1000 Foundation, explained that his intention to launch the conference is to “spread out the seeds of happiness all over the world.” “Wish1000 Foundation has always been one of the pioneers in bringing happiness into this world through public welfare. Our free course THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS has helped hundreds of thousands of people learned how to live a happier way. This year we celebrate our 10-year anniversary of Sichuan assistance. I want to welcome everyone back to where we started, and demonstrate the spirit of ‘help others, grow yourself, spread out your love’.”



The Conference is produced in conjunction with Keystone Culture. Keystone Culture is a creative service agency that offers strategically planned branding services for companies and organizations. From 2016 to 2017, Keystone has delivered a series of creative branding solutions, including a full marketing campaign promoting Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion for the people’s government of Quzhou, Zhejiang, and a one-year long brand upgrade project for Gaia Education, one of the leading psychology education brands in China.


Zhang Juncheng, CEO of Keystone Culture, director of the 1st Chinese Conference on Happiness Welfare, explains that he wants to bring Wish1000 under the spotlight through a full O2O campaign promoting the concept of “happiness welfare”. “In the last 10 years, Wish1000 kept sending out their generous love which resulted in the rebirth of Sichuan. However, all these efforts have been done in the dark. They deserve to be known. We want this conference to become a portal through which the spirit of happiness welfare can reach a way larger audience. The conference will be a sensational experience for everyone. They will feel what love is like and become willing to give out more. I welcome everybody to join us in Sichuan, help others, grow yourself, spread out your love!”


The 1st Chinese Conference on Happiness Welfare will commence on 21 April, 2018.

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