Introducing Checkout Saver, a Remarkable New Way to Save Money & Generate Passive Income

Denver, CO –, a platform offering new and legitimate ways to save and make money, is inviting shoppers to sign up and be notified when the site is ready to be launched. Checkout Saver will be offering cashback, access to exclusive coupons, and other money-saving methods that have never been offered anywhere else before.

According to company founder and CEO Justin Wynn, Checkout Saver is about to revolutionize the savings industry:

“We’re about to turn the saving industry upside down,” says Wynn.  “Consumers will be able to save money like never before using multiple traditional and patent-pending techniques.”

Checkout Saver will be the first platform to pay users for submitting coupons. Users can also expect top dollar when they sell a gift card. And one of the biggest perks is that users will be able to earn a 20% lifetime commission from everyone they invite to join.

“We’re seamlessly integrating with the shopping experience at thousands of retailers,” Wynn explains. “People will be able to get cash back on their online purchases with no effort on their part. Plus they can invite friends to earn 20% on their cashback!”

Wynn thinks that the lifetime commission aspect will be particularly appealing to entrepreneurs, or in fact anyone looking to make money online in the way of passive income. It will also be a useful resource for people who collect coupons, savvy shoppers, and financial bloggers.

“The goal is to help achieve financial freedom for as many people as possible,” adds Wynn. “That’s why it’s completely free to join.”

The website is currently minimal, offering a form to input an email address in order to be notified at time of launch, which is expected to take place this summer.

To sign up and be among the first to be notified, visit

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