PC Survivors of Massachusetts Rise Above Competition as Preferred Service Provider

Hanover, Massachusetts – PC Survivors, a company that provides secure hard drive and data destruction solutions that adhere to federally mandated destruction methods, has become a consumer favorite for disposing of information properly and securely. Their certifications and adherence to federal standards provide peace of mind in a secure-information based industry.

With the advancements in technology, many consumers store valuable information on their personal computers and digital devices. Since this information is so widely used in today’s marketplaces, making sure that electronics and their components are properly recycled and destroyed to secure data is a must. But this can be difficult for consumers to do on their own, and equally as challenging to find a secure data destruction provider.

It is easy to forget how much information today’s devices can store aside from the basics of music, apps, and photos that consumers typically use them for. This has caused many headaches for consumers who need to protect the information on their devices from ending up in the wrong hands, especially when the consumers don’t need to access it anymore. Information for work or personal use can also cause a lot of hassle if it isn’t properly disposed of. While these devices can often break easily, disposing of both the device and the information stored is a task that isn’t as straightforward.

Recognizing a need for this, PC Survivors of Massachusetts has stepped in to help. They are dedicated to providing a high quality of service, and uphold federal standards of secure destruction practices through their seven step process, as can been seen here http://www.pcsmass.com/hard-drive-destruction-boston.php. They are annually audited and R2/RIOS certified, as well as a NAID member, all of which help to showcase their attention to detail in securely destroying data and providing peace of mind that consumers are seeking.

In addition to hard drive destruction services, they provide certified asset management as an option for equipment that does not need to be destroyed, but whose parts can be recycled for use in other devices. Complete data destruction is guaranteed for consumers no matter whether they need their devices to be destroyed or feel they can be reused. Numerous clients have already been helped by the high quality services provided by PC Survivors.

They have a wide network across the US whom they’ve been able to help from their home base in MA, https://goo.gl/maps/jJhLy16nvmN2. They are able to dispose of confidential information in an entirely secure way for consumers; a necessary component in today’s information rich world.

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