World Culture and Tourism Forum Starts Ctrip helps Xi’an build an International Name Card

Xi’an, one of the four major capitals of ancient civilizations, is the top ancient capital of China. With over 3100 years of history as a city and over 1100 years as a capital, Xi’an is internationally known to be the cradle of the Chinese civilization, and also a city where travelers love. The strategic development of central and western China and the “Belt and Road” Initiative brings new development opportunities to Xi’an. In response to Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s development of the cultural tourism industry, and the call to bring Chinese culture to the world, the 1st World Culture and Tourism Forum, supported by Shaanxi Provincial Government, hosted by Xi’an Municipal Government, organized by Ctrip Group, Xi’an Municipal Tourism Development Committee, Xi’an Municipal Development and Reform Commission, The Administrative Committee of Xi’an Qujiang New District and The Administrative Committee of Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District, will official starts on 19th April in Xi’an. Governments, tourism bureaus and tourism leaders from all over the nation and the world, destination marketing experts, KOLs, renowned celebrities, local and foreign media will gather at Xi’an to join this international event!


General Secretary Xi Jinping once said during an inspection at Shaanxi, “In terms of culture, Shaanxi could support national events on the international scene.” The “Shaanxi’s Action Plan for the Belt and Road Construction (2018)” released by the Shaanxi Provincial Government states that there is a need to “ speed up strategic cooperation with Ctrip group,co-launch the World Culture and Tourism Forum, and build a first class international cultural tourism hub”. The World Culture and Tourism Forum is the major IP event launched by Ctrip group, the theme for the forum this year is “Exchange Cultures, Connects the World”. Through a series of internationalized and diversified events that cover both B end and C end users and connect offline and online platform, we will create the most professional event in the industry. The World Culture and Tourism Forum is an international platform that will enhance cultural tourism exchanges between the world and China and helps Shaanxi Xi’an to reach out to the world.

As the host of The World Culture and Tourism Forum, Xi’an will be at the spotlight internationally and demonstrate its cultural confidence. As the organizer of the forum, Ctrip, the leading online travel service group in China, would make use of its internationalized platform and resources, to support Xi’an to become the brand of cultural exchange of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and encourage the cooperation and communication between Xi’an and the global cultural tourism industry. In terms of external communications, Ctrip will utilize its advantages in internationalized resources, conduct high accuracy omni-channel dissemination to both local and foreign media, to help Shaanxi Xi’an to make a name internationally, and create a world cultural tourism event that will take the world by storm.

Global Destination Marketing Summit, the first event of the World Culture and Tourism Forum will take place on 19th April. Global Destination Marketing Summit is an international event in the tourism industry, and Ctrip will announce its strategic plans for the year in this summit. The summit will have closed door panel sessions that revolve around the theme of “Culture and Tourism”, “Smart Tourism and Innovative Marketing” and “Wonderful China”, to discuss how travel destination can make better use of marketing products and upcoming trends of destination marketing in response to the calling of the country’s “Wonderful China Year of Integrated Tourism 2018” and “Belt and Road” Initiative. Wei Xiao’an (Chief Expert of WTCF), Yan Han (Deputy Secretary General of WTCF), Peter Semone (Chairman of Pacific Asia Travel Association), Ji Xiaodong (Vice-president and Secretary-general of the China Chamber of Tourism, Senior Researcher of China Tourism and Culture Development Research Institute), Yang Yanfeng, (Associate Researcher and Ph.D of Tourism College, Beijing Union University), Jiang Haolin (Partner/ General Manager of Asset Management, Xiaocun Qingxi) and many other distinguished guests and leaders of the industry, Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip Group, Sun Bo, Senior Vice-president of Ctrip Group, Tang Lan, Senior Vice-president of Ctrip Group, Zhou Rong, Vice-president of Ctrip Group, Yang Xiaoli, Vice President of Ctrip Group, Jenna Qian, Destination Marketing CEO of Ctrip Group and over 400 local and foreign tourism bureaus and leaders have been invited to attend this summit.

Furthermore, Ctrip Group brand activities such as the 2017 China Travelers’ Top Spot Award Ceremony, Chinese Tourist Conference will also be held during 19th -20th April. Distinguished guests from the industry, famous celebrities, KOLs, international travelers will all gather at Xi’an to participate and witness a series of exciting activities. World Culture and Tourism Forum will not only provide opportunities to turn Xi’an into a international cultural city and a world trending city for travel, it become Xi’an’s dazzling name card to the world. Ctrip Group will work with Xi’an tourism boards, to integrate local travel resources, promote tourism in Xi’an on a global scale, and build up Xi’an’s branding as a travel destination amongst travelers.

World Culture and Tourism Forum is starting on 19th April 2018, in Shaanxi Xi’an. Let’s look forward to that day!

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