Therapy for The Modern Day Man: The 12-Week Tune-Up Package with Dr. Tim Lewis

Many men feel that therapy is time-consuming and wasteful because the idea of seeing a psychologist doesn’t fit into their modern lifestyle. Dr. Tim Lewis, PsyD is able to change this mindset by providing career therapy and psychology sessions that are tailored to the lifestyle of the modern man.

San Francisco Dr. Tim Lewis, one of the few San Francisco-based psychologists and executive coaches focusing solely on men’s health, is introducing the “Tune-Up” program to make starting therapy easier than ever.

In his 20 years of practice, Dr. Lewis has witnessed the stresses, pressures, and obstacles that men, particularly success-driven Bay Area men, tackle throughout every stage of life. But despite the growing range of complex issues they face, men don’t seek therapy nearly as often as women.

With this challenge as inspiration, Dr. Lewis has created an approach rooted in evidence-based brief therapies tailored to modern men in San Francisco – focusing on topics ranging from relationships and careers to anxiety and addiction.

“I believe men have traditionally dismissed therapy for a number of reasons,” explains Dr. Tim Lewis, San Francisco psychologist. “Beyond the social stigma we’re trying to break, there are concerns around the time, cost, and unease of discussing personal problems with a stranger. But in reality, therapy and coaching can be one of the most rewarding personal investments you can make. By uncovering the roots of your biggest challenges, transforming your thoughts and actions, and channeling your own inherent strengths, you can truly set out to live your best, most fulfilling life.”  

The “Tune Up” package makes this approach even more accessible, particularly for men who don’t have years to invest in therapy. Comprised of 12 sessions, the program focuses on one core client concern. Together, you and Dr. Lewis customize a uniquely individualized plan, with measurable and attainable progress, all leading to achieving a personal goal. Tim Lewis, PsyD has career counseling San Francisco, in addition to his Tune Up package and tailored men’s counseling sessions.

“Therapy should not be overwhelming. With this structured, goal-oriented program, men should be more encouraged than ever to seek professional guidance in any aspect of life. In 12 weeks, you can confront your biggest challenge and make real inroads towards transforming your life from here forward.”

The “Tune-Up” package is available for $2,500.Interested clients can contact Dr. Lewis at

Dr. Tim Lewis is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist specializing in helping men with anxiety, relationship issues, and executive coaching.

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