Director Grant McPhee’s ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ dusts off old vinyl sleeves and record players to rewind back to 1977 – mid-1980s to celebrate the incredible and vital epoch of Scotland’s post-punk and indie music scene by two small, short-lived labels, FAST Product and Postcard Records.

Los Angeles, CA – April 16, 2018 – “Director Grant McPhee returns with feature-length music documentary, ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ distributed in the US by TriCoast Entertainment and CEO’s Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton. ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ credited producer Wendy Griffin alongside co-producers, Innes Reekie, Erik Sandberg and Angela Slaven,” reported The Vinyl District exclusively.

Often overlooked and forgotten, ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ preserves Scotland’s lost music gems and their legacy by highlighting FAST Product and Postcard Records essential role in shaping the post-punk and Independent music scene in the UK through their eclectic roster (musicians that didn’t guarantee instant revenue or even a full crowd), noted The Vinyl District.

Established by Bob Last, alongside Hilary Morrison, FAST Product represented new indie bands just emerging into Edinburgh’s music scene, trying to make a name for themselves in the punk and post-punk world. The label emphasized their mantra of avoiding “mainstream” music, solely acquiring artists from Edinburgh who were extremely forward thinking, aiming to create their own unique sound.

Unlike FAST Product, Postcard Records was considered to be more mainstream; “the sound of young Scotland.” Established by Alan Horne (who is not pictured in the film), Postcard Records frequently featured popular, radio-friendly musicians from the Glasglow area, full of catchy pop tunes.

Photo: Orange Juice from BBC.

“’Big Gold Dream’ captures the labels’ revolutionary roles in the ‘70s punk movement to ‘80s pop music, creating Scotland’s launch pad for little known bands like The Scars, Orange Juice, Dead Kennedys, The Human League, Josef K, and early Joy Division, to be pushed out into America mainstream, eventually creating a name for themselves and going down in music history,” added The Vinyl District.

FAST Product and Postcard Records didn’t realize it at the time, but they eventually would lay the groundwork for Post-Punk (‘New Musick’), which was mainly inspired by the DIY and independent ethics, allowing for diverse music experimentation with genres like electronic, disco and funk. Creating an Indie-Disco, Art-Rock and Difficult Fun all mixed together, the Post-Punk movement broke away from the stereotypical “rock band” cliché, there was a significant placement on the incorporation of ideas from films, literature, art and politics. It wasn’t just their existences in Scotland’s music industry at the time that made the two labels noteworthy, but rather, how they shaped the course of indie music with inspiring next-generation artists, which would eventually spread worldwide.

The film premiered at the 2015 Edinburgh International Film Festival, receiving the honorable EIFF Audience Award. ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ continued to thrive that year, placed on Best Films lists for Sight and Sound and Dazed Films, and placed on UK’s independent newspaper, iNews list for Best Documentaries

“’Big Gold Dream’ provides the missing pieces to Scotland’s post-punk and pop history, giving an authentic feel with its re-creation of the tenement flats, which the labels grew out of and hand-written notes and even fan mail, alongside its archived and aged footage of interviews from Bob Last to music legend, Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order, Peter Hook, The Light),” concluded The Vinyl District.

Photo: The Fire Engines.

Written by Angela Slaven and narrated by Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens, ‘BIG GOLD DREAM: SCOTTISH POST-PUNK AND INFILTRATING THE MAINSTREAM’ is just as much about Now as Then, as an insightful submergence into the golden age of Scottish Post-punk – a music period often overlooked. Containing archived footage and interviews from reputable artists such as The Scars, The Fire Engines, The Rezillos, Josef K, Orange Juice, and more, ‘BIG GOLD DREAM’ uniquely re-creates the era with behind-the-scene features like the tenement flats, which the labels grew out of and hand-written notes and even fan mail.

‘Big Gold Dream: Scottish Post-Punk and Infiltrating the Mainstream’ is presently screening on iTunes, Sony Playstation, and Google Play.

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BIG GOLD DREAM (2015, 94 min.) Directed by Grant McPhee. Produced by: Grant McPhee, Wendy Griffin. Co Produced – Innes Reekie, Erik Sanberg, Angela Slaven. Editor: Angela Slaven. Cinematography by: Grant McPhee, Martin Parry, Garry Torrance. UK, English. TriCoast Worldwide.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Year Zero Filmmaking / Tartan Features

Producers: Grant McPhee and Wendy Griffin. Co-producers: Innes Reekie, Erik Sandberg, Angela Slaven.

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