CoVEX Is Set To Implement The Next-generation Trader-friendly Blockchain-based Platform

Today, CoVEX announced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its one-stop next-generation cryptocurrency platform. CoVEX’s ICO marked the beginnings of the high-frequency cryptocurrency and social trading exchange platform to be debuted in October 2018 with P2P Loan, Margin Trading, Payment Gateway, ICO underwriting service anticipated in 2019. During the ICO, participants can receive bonuses of up to 30% based on the date of joining. CoVEX has opened its’ private sale for those who can contribute more than 30 ETH, private sales participants can receive bonuses of up to 40%. A total of 250 million CoVEX tokens will be issued and 192.5 million CoVEX tokens will make available for interested participants during the ICO that is set to run from May 2018.

CoVEX coin, which is a reward-generating cryptocurrency to its users, will be implemented on Ethereum Blockchain under ERC223 standards and to ensure that every coin holder receives the reward in the form of transaction fees, the CoVEX team has implemented diverse sources of revenue on the platform. The reward of bonus sources includes; Cryptocurrency Exchange, Payment Gateway, Margin Trading and Lending, Prepaid Card Service, Social Trading Platform, P2P Loan Service.

“Our principal goal is to become an industry standard and a one-stop shop for trading in tokenized funds,” said J Mohan, founder & CEO. He further stated that: “the CoVEX mission is to connect traders by creating a one-stop evolving platform where payment providers, developers, merchants, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interact.”

In order to ensure that traders who trade in the cryptocurrency market are not restricted from attaining their full potential due to the challenges associated with the current p2p systems, team CoVEX has, therefore, decided to set up this Blockchain-based platform that will be the future of trading.

The CoVEX building it’s platform in consideration with the evolution of the decentralized landscape, CoVEX provides its users transparency in transactions with enhanced security and assured of absolute control over their trading funds and investments.

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