Hilarious New Zombie Comedy “Minor Problem Zombie” Offers a Fresh Take on the Horror Genre

In recent years, zombies have invaded movies, books, and television shows, but rarely have these monsters been as compelling and funny as they are in the new show “Minor Problem Zombie.” From creator Ryan MacKenzie and producer Jay Rau, the creative force behind other projects including “Super Heroes,” “Family Fitness,” and many commercials, their latest show not only incorporates many of the most commonly found tropes in undead stories – such as the recently deceased rising to join the living as grotesque walking corpses– but also inserts these revenants in unlikely social situations – like binge drinking and poker games. The result is a hilarious visual adventure that rings true to the zombie genre while inspiring uproarious laughter.

“Minor Problem Zombie” follows the exploits of Bobby and Jake, as well as a supporting cast of oddballs, including the mentally addled grandmother and the nerdy friend who just happens to be married to a stripper.  Adding a zombie into the mix creates a skewed vision of reality that is rife with humor. The comedic acting from the stars and surrounding cast is worthy of consideration from awards committees, and the writing is a continuous string of memorable situations and punchlines.

The pilot episode of “Minor Problem Zombie” is currently available for viewing on Indiegogo and YouTube. If you enjoyed this first episode, please consider sharing it with others and financially supporting the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The $15,000 raised from this campaign will enable the creators to pitch “Minor Problem Zombie” to TV companies and earn the privilege of entering a broadcast lineup.  In return for your financial support, you will receive perks like posters, DVDs, show props, and show credits.

For more information about “Minor Problem Zombie,” or to make a financial donation, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/minor-probem-zombie-a-tv-show-with-your-help

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