Mengtop Introduces Its New Range Of Cat Eyes Power Bank To Meet Market Trendy Demands

China-based Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd introduces the cat eyes power bank, an interactive and novel charging device that is gaining immense popularity.

Innovative products are in demand among consumers around the world. Mengtop has introduced the cat eyes power bank that successfully incorporates functionality with beauty; and displays the charging level with its blinking eyes. It comes with beautiful stickers so that the users can change its appearance as per their moods. When the eyes are half-open, it means the battery is half-empty; and when the eyes are completely open, it translates to full charge. One is required to put it in charge when the eyes become ferocious! This power bank is equipped with the latest USB type-C port. The owner can touch or the backside finger area to wake it up from the sleep mode and to begin the charging process.

Their car charger qc3.0 is powered with Qualcomm’s proprietary Quick Charging Technology. It charges four times quicker than other standard chargers widely available online and also in brick-and-mortar stores, and can take as little as half an hour to provide the battery of any mobile computing device with four-thirds of its net charge. This charger is fitted with two smart USB ports, which can readily detect which mobile gadgets require charging. It can send enough juice to any power-hungry mobile electronic device while on the move.

Mengtop Introduces Its New Range Of Cat Eyes Power Bank To Meet Market Trendy Demands

The company has also taken the necessary initiative to quickly introduce the 10000mAh competitive price power bank to the market, for the benefit of their buyers as well as for their retail business partners, and this uniquely designed charger comes with latest specifications like USB ports of type-C standard and instant charging feature. This sleek and portable power station is characterized by its enormous charging capacity. With the help of its USB port type-C, the power station is compatible with a large number of electronic devices including the Nintendo Switch. It has a distinct up-market and sophisticated appearance and is best suited for quickly and securely charging different types of electronic accessories. For instance, it can charge an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy class of Android phones four and two and a half times faster respectively. This little power repository comes in a protective casing made of shock-proof plastic, and the user can examine the overall progress of the battery being charged by means of a tiny indicator placed outside.

Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd concentrates in delivering niche and innovative products, which allow their retailer-partners crafting their brand from scratch, and also generate enough interest and curiosity among end users in national or regional markets of the developed and developing countries. More details about their business venture for retailers to multiply their profits, officially known as build up your brand, can be accessed by navigating to their website mentioned below.

About Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd:

The company has handled hundred successful business projects and shipped 5,14,625 products globally for their clients from fifteen countries. Their team comprises of employees with at least six years of valuable industry experience. Their full resource integration has aided developing multiple sales channels for their retail-partners.

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