New Consumer Report Introduces Expert Garbage Removal Service That Hauls Away Junk for Seattle Residents

The up-and-coming junk removal service in Washington, called $99 Junk Removal, is the leading service provider of hauling unwanted items to local dumps for Seattle residents.

There are numerous different dump stations and recycle centers scattered about the Puget Sound region. From Algona Transfer Station in South Seattle to Shoreline Recycling & Transfer  Station, and Bow Lake Recycling & Transfer Station in between the two, people in the Seattle area have many options for disposing of garbage.

One of theses choices stands out above the rest though. Not only does $99 Junk Removal appear to make garbage evaporate into thin air, but no work is expected of the client. That way, residences are cleared of the trash taking up unnecessary room all this time and the decluttered spaces can be used for better purposes. 

99 Dollar Junk Removal has updated the contents of its website, with the release of many new informational pages for King County dump sites. The neighborhoods covered by their services include the following:

Federal Way
Des Moines

People in and around the Seattle area are welcome to use the dump stations and drop boxes at leisure. Make note of the difference in hours of operation and be aware that non-residents will have to pay higher fees than people who live in the area.

Transporting garbage and recycle to a nearby dump station requires waiting in lengthy lines, paying fees that can increase based on weight, and sorting trash between garbage dumps and recycling centers. The easier route is to hire the experts at $99 Junk Removal. These professionals enable customers to watch junk disappear and then revel in the lack of clutter.

County dump sites that are accessible to residents and visitors alike are an excellent resource when hoarding unwanted items. It is comforting to know that so many transfer stations and recycling centers are located all around the region, too. As great as it all is on a base level, the one downside to dump sites is the act of hauling property. That is why companies like $99 Junk Removal are on the rise as a hot commodity.

The ability for anyone to drive junk to dump sites will always be around, but with companies like $99 Junk Removal that are willing to perform the heavy lifting, employing professional assistance is the obvious route. A flat rate charge of $99 is a universal fee that does not lessen or increase based on residency. The company takes away any and all garbage and recycling.

Before reaching out, read about the services provided in numerous Seattle neighborhoods. Their expertise is widespread and impressive. Then sit back, dial 253-292-9589, and wait for the experts to arrive.

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