Cannabis industry finds its new dedicated digital marketing partner in Cannabis Programmatic

Cannabis Programmatic is offering cutting edge full suite digital advertising solutions especially for cannabis businesses and that with larger inventory and way lower costs compared to other digital marketing companies.

Portland, Oregon – April 19, 2018 – Cannabis businesses struggling with the rocketing cost of digital advertising can finally heave a sigh of relief. Portland-based startup Cannabis Programmatic has arrived as the new dedicated digital marketing partner exclusively for cannabis firms in the legal recreational market. The company has promised to offer full suite of digital marketing tools at 4x lower cost compared to regular digital marketing companies.

Cannabis Programmatic caters to all kinds of legal businesses associated with cannabis industry, including weed growers, dispensaries, delivery services, extract companies and so on. The company is focused on the major legal cannabis States like CO, CA, WA, OR and NV. 

“We are excited to launch Cannabis Programmatic exclusively for the cannabis businesses. We know the advertising issues faced by cannabis firms today given the apprehensive stance from both Google and Facebook – the two top guns for advertisements on digital media. Moreover, regular digital firms unnecessarily post exorbitant fees on cannabis industries. Our mission is to relieve cannabis businesses with all such woes and support them with a highly affordable comprehensive and advanced digital marketing solution, curated especially for them”, stated James Lewis, the CTO of Cannabis Programmatic. 

He stressed that the programmatic aspect of advertising that allows retargeting and Data Set Building has not been available to the cannabis industry until now. Cannabis Programmatic is the first company to facilitate the programmatic quotient for the cannabis firms with its full line of digital marketing tools. 

Part of the uniqueness of Cannabis Programmatic lays in its much larger inventory of offerings for cannabis businesses compared to other digital marketing companies. The Portland firm is extending 5 times the inventory offered by the competitors. So, while the regular marketing companies stick to a meager 1,000 sites and apps, James Lewis & his team are offering a whooping 30,000 applications and websites – and all that at a fraction of cost. 

“While cannabis companies are usually compelled to pay an unnecessary $20CPM for video ads, our company charges no more than $6CPM.” 

Cannabis Programmatic caters to both ad publishers and advertisers from the cannabis industry. The company facilitates direct connection between advertiser and publisher through the FIRST Real​ ​Time​ ​Bidding ​​Ad ​​Exchange​ which is uniquely ​designed for​​ the ​​cannabis ​​Industry.

The rising digital marketing company has assured to help advertisers with –

  • Easy access to same tier pricing and inventory utilized by beer brands which facilitates reach to premium mainstream media
  • Ability to run digital ads with both desktop and mobile compatibility as per the latest market demands
  • High quality banner ads created by expert in-house designers to help advertisers reach out to customers effectively.

James assured an equally attractive and meaningful support for publishers as well.

“We will support publishers with tasteful, high filling ads that can assure incremental revenue boost. Moreover, we are extremely serious about your brand’s safety and we routinely take the necessary measures to enhance the quality of impressions across the entire market by networking with 3rd party experts such as The Media Trust & Protected Media to  reduce fraud.”

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