Optometrist Dr. Travis Zigler Releases The Dry Eye Show on iTunes

With more than 30 million U.S. cases per year, you are not alone in the search for relief for your dry eyes.

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The Dry Eye Show – Join Dr. Travis Zigler as he cuts through the confusing jargon of the healthcare system and helps you find a permanent fix for your dry eyes.

Symptoms of dry eyes can be debilitating: blurry vision, painful, red, bloodshot eyes, inflammation coming and going, burning that gets worse as the days go on. We have all experienced it. In the different podcasts you will hear Dr. Zigler answer frequently asked questions, from the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community, about the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye and everything in between. He will cover home remedies as well as tips and tricks for all of your eye related problems. Dr. Zigler will also explain how nutrition, diet, and your overall health ties into the health of your eyes. There are no topics off limits. If you too have questions you are encouraged to share them in our Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community on Facebook.

Stop letting dry eyes dictate how you live your life. You owe it to yourself to start feeling better today. Check out The Dry Eye Show presented by Eye Love and Heyedrate on iTunes today:


More about Dr. Travis Zigler

The ultimate optometrist duo, Dr. Travis and wife Dr. Jenna Zigler continue their crusade ending preventable blindness. Their passion provides people locally and globally to live a better quality of life through better vision.

To learn more about them and their mission check out their website https://eyelovethesun.com.

Eye Love and Heyedrate

Dr. Travis and Dr. Jenna Zigler developed their brand of products and chose each ingredient while keeping top of mind what was best for their patients. You can rest assure their products are high quality and 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Click on this link to check out more products that help your eyes stay healthy and clean: https://www.amazon.com/stores/node/13588476011.

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