George Washington Window Cleaning Offers Window Cleaning in Washington D.C.

Washington, DC – Nobody wants to live or work in a dirty environment. Looking at streaks on the windows is not pleasant. Over time, build up of dirt, moisture, and contaminants can become corrosive, but having one’s windows cleaned regularly by professionals can limit window damage caused by exposure to unwanted elements. George Washington Window Cleaning is a local, experienced window cleaning company in the Washington D.C. area to engage.

The company’s spokesperson Josh Taylor describes the company’s service this way, “Just like George Washington was our first president, we are your first pick window cleaning company in Washington DC. Our staff of window cleaners is trained and skilled to make your windows look as good as new. We thoroughly scrub and squeegee the glass, clean the windowsills and the screens all to give you the cleanest results for your home. Over and over again, our customers have told us how much time, energy and stress we save them by helping them get their windows, roof, and siding cleaned.”

These window washers in Washington DC  do commercial and residential window cleaning which covers some cleaning areas such as screens, storm windows, gutters, solar panels, mirrors, and skylights. The company is detailed-oriented and focused on cleaning even the most unlikely places in and around a building. Besides, George Washington Window Cleaning professional cleaners do not limit themselves to Washington DC but would travel to the surrounding cities on request to clean in both residential and commercial areas. Such cities include Arlington, Bethesda,  Alexandria, Potomac, and Silver Spring. The company has invested in regular cleanings since it reduces the number of bugs and insects inside any home or building that is left unclean.

These professional window washers, George Washington Window Cleaning is in Washington DC. Being the first in Washington DC, the company was inspired to name itself after George Washington, America’s first president, and with the same spirit, is focused on being the first at its service delivery. The company’s staff is well trained and skilled in thoroughly scrubbing and squeegeeing the glass, windows, roof, siding, cleaning window sills and the screens. Their prices are quite affordable, and their services are reliable. Further, they have professionalized the techniques required to effectively remove dirt, mold, and moss in every hidden or hard-to-reach area without damaging anything.  The chemicals and equipment required are available and are taken everywhere and expertly used by their cleaners.

George Washington Window Cleaning offers cleaning packages that fit customers’ needs. They include one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, as well as yearly cleanings.

The company is located at 1304 Florida Avenue N.E., Washington DC 20002 and can be reached by phone at 443-266-8199 or by email at

Their website has more information about their services.

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