Dr. Rozalie Jackson, M.D. Shares Tips on Choosing the Right Internist

Dr. Rozalie Jackson, M.D. shares some useful tips on how to properly choose the right internist for the job. From whether or not they must possess credentials, to their capabilities of managing communication and complexities.

Selecting a primary care physician is one of the most important steps in managing your healthcare. However, despite the importance of your primary care physician, another role that makes your healthcare experience is the internist. An internist is the doctor you will visit for many of your medical needs. Whether it is routine screening, non-emergency illnesses, or wellness visits.

Your internist will not only be the person that helps with your varying concerns and illnesses, but also the one who answers your questions. However, finding a good doctor is easier said than done. It’s not easy, and it should not be easy. Finding a doctor that specializes in internal medicine may not be a difficult task but finding one that is right for you is another thing entirely.

Dr. Rozalie Jackson, M.D. is aware of this. She points out that it largely depends on your comfort level. When you are comfortable with a particular internist, you have found your match. This may come off as a surprise considering many people only focus on the educational background. While the candidates’ educational background may show off their capabilities, there are other aspects involved.

Other aspects may involve their accessibility and their ability to communicate with their patients. As important as their educational background is, it does not do anything other than check for red flags. Some would try to obtain a degree from a  university out of the country as a shortcut. If they cannot provide a reason as to why they obtained a degree outside, it could be viewed as a red flag.

Once narrowed down, patients will be able to look into the websites and see whether or not the candidates can be easily reached. The key to building a good patient and physician relationship is clear communication. A good internist must be able to explain the answers to your concerns in a manner that can be easily understood.

Here is the complete interview with Dr. Rozalie Jackson, M.D.:

What would you say to somebody needing advice about choosing a good internist?

“So of course, when asking a question like that the easiest thing that comes to mind is, does the physician have the appropriate credentials? Meaning, are they board-certified? However, there are other things that may be even more important when it comes to relating to your internist. You may want to know if they have experience in managing chronic conditions. Are they capable of managing complexities of this chronic condition?”

“You also want to know if maybe they’ve had some in-patient Hospital experience that supports their foundation in being able to manage complex conditions, not just chronic but acute conditions as well. But even more importantly, you want an intern who you feel communicates well with you. Everybody has different communication styles. So just because you don’t necessarily consider someone a good communicator with you doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be for someone else, potentially. But I think what that key in building a good physician-patient relationship is clearly communication. Do they listen to you? Are you able to ask questions? It really should be a partnership.”

“Internists should be able to explain things to you in a way that helps you understand. They should be able to take the time to listen to your story. They should be able to analyze the data from the work up that’s done to put together the pieces and then hopefully bring back to you a more complete picture of what’s going on with your body and how to approach it.”

About Dr. Rozalie Jackson M.D.

As one of the most renowned internists in Long Beach, California, Dr. Rozalie Jackson, M.D. is affiliated with a large number of hospitals in the area. Having completed her medical degree at Howard University College of Medicine, Dr. Jackson has been in practice for 20-years. She specializes in Internal Medicine and accepts a number of health insurance options. Her expertise is in Internal Medicine, and her passion is in passion helping her patients.

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