Local Companies Can Now Apply For Selectedly Top 10 Lists

Businesses in any industry are invited to apply to become known as one of their area’s best

APRIL 18, 2018 – When it comes to attracting local customers, companies often turn to the internet. They often try tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and leveraging client testimonials and ratings to get their business at the top of search rankings. After all, companies that show up at the top of search results are often the first ones consumers gravitate to.

The problems with this strategy, however, is competition and confusion. When consumers search for a local company, they are often greeted with a long list of websites, social media pages, and directory pages. These are riddled with varying testimonies and ratings, and consumers can’t be sure if they are making the absolute best decision.

When it comes to a doctor, for instance, consumers want to make sure they are getting the best. They’ll often be met with many local options, however.

Selectedly is changing the way consumers look for local businesses by offering a top 10 list for each industry in each region covered. For consumers, this means 100% confidence when browsing for a new product or service. Instead of relying on search results, they can rely on the absolute correctness of data offered by Selectedly’s intensive research and surveying.

As it stands, Selectedly offers top 10 company listings in Denver, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Right now, Selectedly is inviting companies to apply to be surveyed for their prestigious top 10 list. After all, a place on this list means ample exposure as a premier company in their area.

Companies can partner with Selectedly to help create these top 10 lists and ensure total client satisfaction. In order to qualify to be placed on a Selectedly top 10 list, local companies must score at least 90% on a thorough survey that includes quality assurance and experience. Plus, the company would need to pass all research criteria rating standards to be considered. Companies can go directly to the Selectedly business application page to apply.

Not only is Selectedly committed to protecting consumers, but the company also believes that outstanding local businesses deserve to be recognized. Selectedly recently published a video offering more information on how their services are beneficial for consumers and businesses alike.

“Only 10 of all companies in a particular industry within a county will be selected for a list,” said the Selectedly team. “We perform a bi-yearly check to ensure they maintain the quality of their products and services.”

Mechanics, contractors, lawyers, doctors, and any other business can apply now to begin the process of consideration for a top 10 list. For companies who want to help local consumers find the best of the best, Selectedly is excited to offer a new solution.

More information can be found at https://selectedly.com.

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