Atlantis Blue, the new digital coin backed by the extremely rare gemstone Larimar

Atlantis Blue is the newly launched cryptocurrency that is backed by Larimar, a blue pectolite and extremely rare gemstone found in only one location; a relatively inaccessible mountain the province of Barahona of the Dominican Republic. A group of miners, artisans, lawyers, biologists, accountants and more experts have united under the banner of The Atlantis Blue Project to self-regulate and overcome the lack of progress in the livelihoods of their community.

The Larimar stone is formed when hot gases push crystallized minerals up through volcanic tubes and to mine and excavate the stone miners must identify these tubes and dig deeper and deeper into old volcanoes. Larimar is also considered a healing stone that has positive effects on the speech and communication skills as well as the natural healing process of the body. The team of Atlantis Blue believes that this rare and precious gemstone may gain worldwide popularity as more number of people begin to get aware about it.

As Larimar gets more popular, it is also having to deal with problems like unethical mining, the proliferation of fake blue stones, illegal exportation of the gems and price discrepancies in the international market which is why the Atlantis Blue Digital Token (ABDT) will offer a self-regulated and decentralized way to overcome all these issues. A total of 400 million ABDT will be created out of which 300 million will be available during the official ICO of Atlantis Blue. The value of 1 ABDT token will be equal to 1 Grams of Larimar of AA+ grade (average). AAA+ is the highest grade and A represents the lowest (AAA+, AAA, AA+, AA, A). Additionally, to protect the token holders, the company will not sell its future coin offerings at a discounted price. The selling price will always be whatever the market has established at that point in time.

The success of the ICO will ensure that Atlantic Blue project is able to build and establish the Atlantis Blue Warehouse, a single point of the receivership of authentic Larimar stones from the mines. This will eliminate any risk of leakage into the black market and also prevent illegal exports and smuggling of the rough stones. The other thing they’ll do is to build an artisan camp, a single point to legalize the stones through cutting and polishing + after which, they will enter a legal status for sale and international distribution. The funds raised from the ICO will also be used to market the Atlantis Blue Exchange, the single point of distribution for the local and international market as well the sole registry for authorized resellers. 

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