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Laser burn claims are rising in number, and this can be due in large part to an industry which is not properly regulated. Laser treatments are often done by unskilled individuals, and this can result in various injuries. For those who have questions about laser burn claims, Shires Law provides clear, concise answers.

UNITED KINGDOM – Apr 18, 2018 – The popularity of laser hair removal treatment can’t be denied, as a law firm like Shires Law obviously knows. After all, this law firm has dealt with numerous cases involving injuries due to laser treatment, and it knows all about what causes such injuries to happen and what one can do to make a claim.

As Shires Law points out, “Whilst injuries can be as minor as temporary skin irritation, they can also be as major as burns and permanent damage to the skin…burns and other major damage can occur if the technician uses faulty equipment or if the technician does not know how to use the technology in the proper way.”

According to Shires Law, those who would like to make a laser burn or injury claim can do so if they can aptly prove the ignorance, lack of skill, or negligence of the clinician. Even the most minor injuries such as skin irritations can make anyone eligible for a claim, as long as they can show that the injury was the technician or beauty salon’s fault.

Shires Law also confirms that making a claim for a laser burn or injury because of laser treatment is everyone’s right – since the industry is not adequately regulated, it is actually an individual’s responsibility to make a claim for compensation; this prevents other individuals from becoming victims by the same salon or technician in the future. Shires Law adds, “In almost all cases of laser injury claims, it has been proven that it was the clinician’s fault. They have a duty of care to you, after all, and they have certain responsibilities to make sure you are not unduly harmed or injured. For instance, they should give you the information you need to know about the procedure – this should be done before the procedure commences. The clinician should also give you time to make up your mind and not pressure you into going through with it.”

With Shires Law’s help and advice, a lot of individuals who have suffered from a laser treatment injury have received the compensation they deserve.

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Shires Law has long dealt with a number of personal injury claims which include work accident claims, road accident claims, industrial disease claims, beauty and cosmetic claims, and a lot more.

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