Welcomed Deregulation in Alaska Increases Mineral Rights Values

As part of the recent popular tax bill that was unanimously passed by congress, the opening for oil exploration in Alaska was part of the much heralded tax break. The bottom line: President Donald Trump is looking to jumpstart Alaska’s oil industry to the benefit the American people by generating millions of jobs and helping America become energy independent.

In December, Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke also held an auction for drilling leases in Alaska for 23 million acres in Western Alaska that triggered a land rush similar to the 1849 Klondike gold rush days. This immensely popular trend of the removal of huge government overreach regulations has brought on an increase of mineral rights values throughout Alaska that rivals the 1899 “Yukon Gold Rush”. State and Federal Mineral rights are quickly being bought up in the rush at any price. Under the legislation, the Interior Department is directed to hold at least two auctions for drilling rights leases in the next 10 years. Lawmakers estimate bids will bring in $2.2 billion.

Alaskan Mineral Claim owners now have the full option of exploring for oil and gas, as well as precious metals and Gems. “In the past in many of the gold rich areas like the Tintina Gold region, oil was seen as nuisance”, indicated Dorado Mining President, George Playton. “Oil restrictions made for costly prospecting and mining. Now we can increase our chances of profitability by exploring for oil and gas under the same standards.” Playton, as well as many other owners of mineral rights are enjoying the recent spike in mineral rights values. The process of invigorating oil and gas exploration in the icy stretches of the Arctic is one that will have an immediate impact on the local economy. Alaskans see it as an opportunity to boost their economy and bring in thousands of jobs for decades. The trillion dollar influx of investment dollars in the US stock market under President Trump and the sweeping deregulation trend has led to increased values of Alaskan Mineral Rights.     

“This is an area … that contains billions of barrels of oil,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the Senate’s most outspoken Alaskan Oil drilling proponent and chairwoman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said on the Senate floor. “We know we that can produce it safely. We know that we are going to need this oil in the years ahead,” she continued. “The reality is that world oil demand is rising, it is not falling. We need to bring more supply online, and we need to open up our most prospective areas. So, again, when we have a state that has enormous oil potential, why would we continue to deny that opportunity?”

With the sweeping Tax breaks passed, Alaskan Mineral Rights holders are on the front line of helping America becoming energy independent.

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