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Become a lifeguard in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island NY or in Brooklyn NY with Lifeguard Training NY. They are the top rated Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor (WSI) company in New York State! Call them today (718) 954-5567.

Becoming a lifeguard is quite popular. However, it isn’t an easy task that anyone could just fill in. Lifeguard Certification Training offers superb classes that can help hone individuals into water safety instructors and lifeguards. The classes offered are meant for those who are going to build a career in the industry. The class names include basic CPR, First AID, and basic concepts of swimming to name a few. What you can get from these classes is the ability to swim into the water and even the confidence that you need in order to save another person’s life. After the entire course, you will have the ability to understand the potential dangers and risks that the water has. You will also be oriented on how to assess medical conditions of individuals who are already drowning. And in the absence of a medical practitioner, you will be able to know the necessary interventions that can help save a person’s life.

Lifeguard Certification Training partnered up with Lifeguard Training NY and they are both an institution built on the belief that water can both be a friend and it can also pose a danger to you. What you have to understand is that lifeguard certification helps you become knowledgeable of these risks and understand the things that can help keep the work environment safe. It is the ideal course for those who are looking to have a career in lifeguarding or in becoming a water safety instructor. You will be able to learn the basic and the advanced skills involved in becoming a lifeguard.

CPR and Basic First Aid

If you will look at the class names in our curriculum, you will be able to understand that the focus of Lifeguard Certification Training is to offer improved skill level to those who are going to protect pool users and the public who are enjoying open waters. And in order to do so, it is important for a lifeguard to know the basic first aid and how to perform CPR. These measures can help increase the survival rate of people who encounter untoward incidences in the water. And for Lifeguard Certification Training, it isn’t just in instances wherein someone is drowning. You will also have an idea how to address injuries such as slips. You will be able to assess the extent of the injury and if there is a need to call an ambulance in order to bring the patient to the nearest hospital.

Knowledge How to Swim

Though a lot of people know how to swim, those who are trained by Lifeguard Certification Training will be given an idea how to optimize their movements. You will understand the dynamics involved and how you can swim and even save people’s lives without compromising your safety. You will also develop the right amount of knowledge on how to stay calm and focused even during distressing conditions. This way, you will be able to evaluate the situation without panic.

Offered to Both Newbies and Experienced Individuals

Lifeguard Certification Training is offered to a variety of clients. You can take the classes if you are looking to get certified. You will be given enough training and guidance by some of the best in the industry. In addition to this, the classes are also designed for those individuals who simply want to renew their lifeguard certificates and license or to simply update their skills or review the basic concepts that they may have forgotten all these years.

The training is offered to individuals who are at least 16 years old. You will also don’t need to be an expert swimmer. However, there will be an initial swimming screening that will be done in order to ensure that participants know at least how to swim and have some level of confidence when it comes to going into the water.

The training and classes are going to benefit parents as well. Here, if you have a pool at home and you have children playing within your pool, you can easily perform lifeguard duties and even rescue your children when it is needed.

And lastly, you can guarantee that the training is performed only by the best instructors. Lifeguard Certification Training also has a low instructor to student ratio in order to guarantee that everyone learns the right things in class.

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