New book imparts author’s ‘dreams from Jesus’ about ‘the end of the world as we know it’

Gwendolyn Cotterell-Eidukonis announces publication of her new two-book series, ‘The Joys of Heaven’

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Gwendolyn Cotterell-Eidukonis’ new Christian life book, “The Joys of Heaven: Part 1: Faith For Change In America” (published by WestBow Press), recounts the dreams she believes Jesus sent her to enlighten America and the world of “revolutionary type changes that are coming,” and to quickly prepare everyone to be caught up in the rapture.

Seeking to enlighten others, Cotterell-Eidukonis describes several dreams she had that announce “the end of the world as we know it.” She shares that in a dream in September 2016 she received the following timeline: “Three more years before the end of the world ‘as we know it!’”  She further states that just before day break on the morning of October 8, 2017, Jesus said to her in another dream, “1,020 days to go.” This indicates to her that the countdown began on July 26, 2017, half-way through President Donald Trump’s first year in office and will reach completion on July 24, 2020, half-way through his fourth year in office. 

The book emphasizes that the Antichrist – a deceitfully cunning and dominant world leader and chief son of Satan who is expected to come at the time of the End –  is already here on Earth.  This was another revelation from Jesus.  Cotterell-Eidukonis talks of the Antichrist’s rise to power and the impact it will have.   

According to Cotterell-Eidukonis, the night following the above mentioned encounter with Jesus, she had another dream in which she saw Trump’s rise to power garbed in a black rubber-like contraption from his feet up to his waist and sailing through the air.  Several months earlier, in June 2017, in another dream, she made the shocking announcement that President Donald Trump is the Antichrist! This entire revolutionary change that is expected to come will take place during his presidency! She asks her readers to ponder the following possibilities:  “If the world “as we know it” will end on July 24, 2020, just months before the next presidential election in November, how will this change impact the election? Will there even be another presidential election?” Could Trump be setting the stage to declare himself a one-world-leader?

In addition, Cotterell-Eidukonis refers to a dream where she says she was informed that war, which will devastate the United States, is imminent.  “The Joys of Heaven” discusses these revelations among others, the types of changes to expect and how to prepare oneself for them.

This two-book series appeals to unbelievers to seek refuge in Jesus while empowering believers to move forward by faith, and in the power of the Holy Spirit as they march onward and upward to victory. 

“This book will appeal to readers because it was given to me by God in a dream,” Cotterell-Eidukonis says. “It shines light on this perilous time that we are living in and prepares us for what is coming up next.”

“The Joys of Heaven”

By Gwendolyn Cotterell-Eidukonis

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 188 pages | ISBN 9781512792805

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 188 pages | ISBN 9781512792782

E-Book | 188 pages | ISBN 9781512792799

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Gwendolyn Cotterell-Eidukonis was born the seventh of 12 children on April 19, 1964 in Jamaica, West Indies. In 1995, she migrated to the United States. Cotterell-Eidukonis holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from DeVry University, with a focus in accounting. She and her husband Steven Eidukonis have been married since 2005 and have a daughter together. She has also published, “Beholding His Glory: A Journey Side by Side with Jesus” and “The Joys of Heaven: Part II: A Closer Walk with God.”

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