The initial token sale of 8th Continent, the Social Marketplace is now live

8th Continent is the first social marketplace in China which is open to everyone willing to trade and do business in a trusted environment. The platform has recently launched their pre-ICO sale which is going to last from April 18th to April 28th. During this period, the investors will be able to purchase ECB tokens at a rate of 1 ETH = 800 ECB. The investors are invited to participate in one of the rapidly growing platforms as a large number of users join the marketplace in China in the years to come.

The Eighth Continent is China. It is one of its kind social marketplace that provides the next-generation social investment platform open to small and large investments alike. It is the first fully digital economy where privately owned digital companies trade digital commodities, stocks and other assets in the digital currency. This marketplace is developed as the improved version of Seventh Continent Commodities Exchange,

The 8th Continent Social Marketplace is a free and independent marketplace which provides its users the power over 100 unique business activities across the platform, allowing them to do business from anywhere online. The number of users of 8th Continent Social Marketplace is limited to 8.888.888. The platform is equipped with Ethereum based powerful smart contracts that give the users full control of their account without the involvement of any third party or government.

The marketplace is backed by Eighth Continent Bit(ECB), the ERC-20 type digital token issued through an Ethereum smart contract. All the ECB tokens purchased during the crowdsale will be credited to investors Ethereum accounts directly 8 days after the end of the crowdsale, and can be used either for trading on exchanges or as an investment tool on the marketplace.The withdrawal of ECB tokens from the marketplace is authorized after 88 days and 88 transactions to encourage activities on 8th continent.

Being based on the blockchain technology, the 8th Continent Marketplace is able to provide fair business conditions and equal opportunities to all. It also proposes the one market model where the users can trade all their digital assets on a unique secure platform unlike the regional markets and stock exchanges with uncertain OTC and risky secondary market transactions.

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