Advertising is Doomed – The Solution that Actually Works

Rob Ristagno, digital media thought leader
A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors is the new book by award-winning speaker, author, and CEO of the Sterling Woods Group, Rob Ristagno. The book will be released April 24, 2018 and promises to flip the script of Digital Marketing.

By Zoey Thompson

BOSTON, MA – Harvard Business School graduate, Rob Ristagno is tired of annoying pop up videos and low-quality content and the numbers show he is not alone.  Studies of consumer behavior show overwhelmingly that people are blocking ads anyway because they are either annoying or of low quality. Businesses have struggled to compete in a new digital world where the old rules of advertising no longer apply. Ristagno has a developed a model for online success that can help publishers and content creators compete in a saturated market, make the most of their advertising dollars, and create permanent, sustainable revenue streams. As a digital marketing consultant, Ristagno has helped his clients see double-digit revenue growth, year after year even while their industries have suffered. With his new book, he intends to teach others how to do the same. A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors demonstrates how to create a thriving business in the modern digital market.

“No one likes gimmicks, we don’t like ads,” says Ristagno.  “Most of us have popup blockers on our own computers and yet when it comes to our businesses we continue to spend money on these ads. It makes no sense. I have developed a better method of customer engagement that will more effectively utilize marketing dollars and raise revenue at the same time.”

His new book offers a step-by-step blueprint for success; a DIY guide to creating revenue through member-based programs.  A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors makes the case that a business will find its biggest payoff not by trawling for large schools of consumers who have never heard of your business or product, but by going after those really big fish who have already proven their interest. He provides evidence that a business model focused on meeting the needs of these customers will bring his readers the type of payoff that his clients now enjoy.

“In my business, I don’t judge success by clicks or engagement,” he says. “I measure success by dollars. The end result of a campaign shouldn’t be a great looking PowerPoint presentation but money in my client’s bank account. With this book, I want to show people how to do that; how to make money from the Internet—not lose it.”

Ristagno is a contributor to SIPA (Specialized Information Publishers Association), FIPP (International Federation of Periodical Publishers), and MPA (Magazine Publishers Association), as well as, a regular speaker at Niche Media and SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) events.  He has taken the strategies he describes in his book and implemented them for a diverse set of clients and believes that his approach will work across the business spectrum.

The book will be released on Amazon on April 24, 2018. 

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