Araw decentralized E-commerce and Payment Platform is on the mission to provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch and Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

What this means is that there is no central server, no middlemen, and that the system works fully encrypted. In order to capture a variety of users, Araw have designed a scalable platform that is a simple yet effective ecosystem over the Ethereum Blockchain, where customers and brands can interact without restrictions in a reliable, trustworthy and mutually beneficial manner.

To achieve maximum reach, the company has also designed their platform as an Open Enterprise API Platform. This gives Araw the ability to reach and serve hundreds of thousands of users, thereby making Araw platform a truly universal medium of exchange.

Araw Distributed Ledger system

Araw platform is a distributed ledger marketplace that gives people a two-way choice of buying and selling goods online, leveraging on the combined benefits of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The Araw e-marketplace takes online shopping further with the distributed ledger system, smart contract and their cryptocurrency, The ARAW Token.

The Araw ecommerce platform leverages on the benefits of blockchain technology to provide a unique and inimitable value to all users of the platform including individual merchants or businesses who deploy the platform for marketing and sale of their goods. Also, global consumers who can now gain cross-border access to the product of their choice at a better bargain given the transaction cost reduction, faster cross-country payments and unified rewards which is further boosted by the block chain technology.

Amazing Features!

The Araw ecommerce marketplace comes with many amazing features that and offers that boost overall shopping experience and increase value through the companies numerous value-added services and unsurpassed technological features.

Araw ecommerce marketplace and payment platform

The Araw Platform gives you instant access to the global audience, saves huge cost for you while at the same time ensuring that your transactions are secure and frictionless through their blockchain Ethereum based ERC20 tokens – The Araw Token and smart contract implementation.

Overall, using the Araw e-commerce and payment platform means: a reduction in overhead and management cost, a broadening of client bases, a faster transaction speed, a better deal on offers, a boost in revenue and a faster growth.

Araw has created an excellent and favorable trading environment in their marketplace to give all users of the platform both sellers, buyers, merchant, delivery agencies, the best and unsurpassed user experience through the excellent features of the ecosystem together with a friendly customer support system that are available to provide assistance to whatever need you may have while navigating through the system.

The Araw ecommerce market place enables peer to peer transaction to give users the chance to engage in direct exchange of goods across the network. This enables free trade between two parties anywhere in the world.


Open API Platform

Customers’ expectations are changing daily and increasing when it comes to interactions with businesses. Because smartphones and tablets are now the focal point rather than laptops and PCs, the Araw Company is also bringing the competitive edge through their Open Enterprise API Platform. Araw API platform comes with excellent technology and easy to use interface. It is also very reliable and doesn’t present security issues.

The Araw marketplace comes with Open API which means you don’t need to know any form of programming code or language to make use of the system.

The Pre-ICO of The ARAW Token is scheduled for 15th of May, 2018.

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