SmokeScreen Quality E-Cigarettes Launches Their Redesigned Website

SmokeScreen Quality E-Cigarettes
Individuals enjoy the new website as it is easier to use and they love being able to find the information they want and need quickly reports

SmokeScreen Quality E-Cigarettes proudly announces the launch of their redesigned website. Although the site remains a work in progress, with minor modifications likely in the future, consumers find the changes made greatly enhance the user experience. Individuals who have yet to check out the new site should do so today to see the major improvements which have been made in recent months.

“Consumers provided input into the website design, as SmokeScreen understands they are the ones using the site. If a customer cannot find what they want and need, SmokeScreen isn’t doing its job. The website continues to undergo modifications, and customers are encouraged to contact the company with any tips or suggestions. In addition, the company remains available to assist customers via email or phone,” Kevin, spokesperson for SmokeScreen llc., declares.

SmokeScreen is much more than an Ocean Springs ecig shop. The company strives to educate individuals on all aspects of vaping. One can learn about the safety of products carried by the company, who may and may not purchase e-cigarettes, the FDA and its involvement in the industry, and more. Vaping differs greatly from smoking, and gas station e-cigarettes differ greatly from those sold through SmokeScreen. For this reason, individuals need to spend time checking out the site to learn more about this great alternative to traditional cigarettes.

“One reason many visit the website is to learn more about FDA efforts to regulate the industry. SmokeScreen stays on top of news concerning vaping and governmental involvement. In addition, the company attends various events to engage with consumers, and individuals find information about these events on the newly redesigned site,” Kevin continues.

Interaction for many remains the highlight of the vaping experience and SmokeScreen understands this. Visitors to the gulfport ecig shop find it to be the first vape lounge located in South Mississippi, one where vapers can enjoy the company of others, along with free coffee and WiFi. Those who visit the shop find it to be a friendly, relaxing, and comfortable place.

“Check out the website or visit the shop today. Those who do find SmokeScreen to be the perfect place for vaping, learning more about this pastime, and interacting with others who enjoy this activity. Thanks to the redesigned website, these tasks become much easier,” Kevin states.

About SmokeScreen Quality E-Cigarettes:

SmokeScreen Quality E-Cigarettes opened its doors in November 2011, becoming the first brick-and-mortar e-cigarette shop in South Mississippi. The company quickly earned a reputation for providing high-quality devices and supplies and the same items are now found on the company website. SmokeScreen offers a wide array of kits, mods, USA-made e-liquid, accessories, and more. Consumers find the site to be all they want and need when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping.

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