ITR Studio Unveils Kickstarter for The World’s Most Advanced Modular Backpack

Hong Kong, HK – On April 17 2017, ITR Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for One Backpack, a new 5-in-1 modular backpack that uniquely adapts to every aspect of your life by changing its compartments. When paired with its Advanced Modular System, One Backpack comes alive to create the ideal setup for each day, every day.

“Everything ITR creates is designed with the concept of living smart. We’re committed to making a difference in everyday things in pursuit of raising people’s consciousness to live better,” commented ITR Studio Founder Benjamin Chan, “Our advanced modular system allows you to attach different modules to the backpack, so you can use it as your camera bag, work & gym pack, suit carry backpack, travel pack or tech-backpack. One Backpack is a real everyday backpack that truly connects with you.”

ITR, a highly innovative independent design studio, created One Backpack as a complete overhaul of the everyday backpack to meet the demands of not just photographers, but travelers, commuters and the creative class. The result of over a year of development and close collaboration with designers, The ITR One Backpack delivers universal appeal with a modular system that maximizes functionality and versatility in a stylish way.

Designed to be lightweight yet durable, the 5-in-1 Modular Backpack uses a magnetic system to quickly and securely attach modules to the pack. With a range of modular pouches and straps to choose from, it’s easy to adapt to diverse loads. The One Backpack can be configured in various ways using these 5 modules:

1) Camera Module

2) Sport Module

3) Sling Module

4) Suit Carry Module 

5) Pouch Module

The modular components can be used together or even individually depending on your needs. Examples of some other great features backers will love are the double layer waterproof fabric, padded laptop pocket, and smart weight management design.

“ITR designs solutions aimed on promoting simplicity and smart utility,” Chan explained, “The protective Camera Module can adapt to different equipment, from a DSLR camera with two lenses to a DJI Mavis Pro with an extra battery. The Workout Module comes with a portable shoe bag which is washable and easy to assemble. Most important is our Suit Carry module, which keeps your suit neat without causing any creases when folded.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a One Backpack for the Early Bird price of $139 USD, a Photographer Combo starting at $209, and more. Backers can also pledge $53 for a Sling Module, $53 for a Camera Module, $74 for a Sport Module, or $85 for a Suit Carry Module.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

High res product image & product details:

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Company Name: Right My Wrong Ltd
Contact Person: Benjamin Chan
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Phone: 852-9327 0872
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