Enjoy Your Business – Humorous business education

“Enjoy Your Business” by Matthias Scharlach
Matthias Scharlach wants to inspire readers of “Enjoy Your Business” to be better leaders by making them smile.

Most business books are serious in nature. They explain how businesses work, what kind of strategies lead to what kind of results, and what one needs to do to become a successful business person. The problem is that some people find this kind of book boring, less than helpful and even patronising. Fortunately, there is hope: the new book by Matthias Scharlach is as educating as it is entertaining. It contains maxims on management in the form of aphorisms. It intends to inspire reflection on business matters by smiling. It does not claim to be a comprehensive business course – but it is helpful for people who need help putting the fun back into business.

If you run a business, would like to run one or work for one, “Enjoy Your Business” by Matthias Scharlach is a book you should not miss. While it will not help you with getting a degree or with learning the most complicated business strategies, it will make you think about matters that concern almost all businesses. The book inspires and educates at the same time – having fun along the way.

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