The Punk With A Northern Soul – The second collection of poetry by an unusual poet

“The Punk With A Northern Soul” by Keiron Higgins
Keiron Higgins invites readers of “The Punk With A Northern Soul” on an unusual poetic journey.

Poetry doesn’t always have to be Shakespeare or Goethe. While most people associate poetry with old classics and modern rhymes that often make no sense at all, there is a lot more variety in poetry than you might know. Keiron Higgins’ new collection is vivid  proof of that. The author calls himself a punk poet and takes his poems to a variety of events. While his words truly come to life when you see him in person, they do not lose their charm and message when written down and read. His second collection of poems consists of two parts: the first part is a mix of his older material, but revised, improved and often enhanced.

In the second part of “The Punk With A Northern Soul” by Keiron Higgins, the readers find some appealing new material that has a more mature tone than the older poems. The book is another diverse trip that shows how Keiron processes the world with a comedic edge, but this time, he also touches on more serious subjects such as family, love, and life. Each poem is introduced by a short explanation on how and why the poem was written. This gives readers and interesting insight into how the mind of a modern poet works.

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