Vape Forest Publishes New Suite Of Reviews As Product Releases Hit Fever Pitch

Vape Forest
Vaporizers are becoming so popular that review site Vape Forest is straining to keep up with the number of new products released, publishing a slew of new reviews on the latest ranges.

Vaporizers are more popular now than ever. Once a niche technology used by a few aficionados, the growing ubiquity of the e-cigarette has seen people open their eyes to this approach to inhalation. As a result, the number of products on offer is burgeoning with the increased demand, making the market saturated and hard to navigate for newcomers. Vape Forest is doing its utmost to stay ahead of the new products being released, and has just published lots of new vaporizer reviews to help people get the best independent consumer advice available. 

This review of the Herbalizer vaporizer, for instance, has a three-tier scoring system that puts equal weight on quality, design and cost, and while it scores five stars on its craftsmanship, it is poorly rated in the cost department. A premium product for niche enthusiasts there is a market for the product but it isn’t the average consumer.

Equally, the review for the new Ascent portable vaporizer uses the same format but has the benefit of additional insight drawn from user reviews. Both have the same detailed analysis of features and unique selling points, pros and cons, and both are highly rated, while serving very different purposes for very different markets. 

A spokesperson for Vape Forest explained, “We are rapidly expanding our library of reviews as the release of new products hits an all-time high. With Christmas coming manufacturers are scrambling to iterate new designs and features to please everyone in this rapidly diversifying market. Some are succeeding and some are making awful mistakes, and we are here to help consumers tell the difference. Our recommended products can be trusted, and users can equally trust us to warn them when something falls short. With this new raft of reviews, those looking for Christmas presents can shop for their ideal gift with us.”

About Vape Forest:

Vape Forest was launched in 2013 as a vaporizer review website and has since become one of the most popular websites for vape reviews online. The website has reviews of vaporizers ranging from portables to desktops and everything in between. The site is regularly updated and features independent, insightful consumer advice.

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