Pope Francis Recommends Baptism: What It Is and What It Means To a Christian

Millions of Christians today are not baptized according to the biblical meaning of the word. This article takes a non-denominational view.

“Pope Francis made an announcement about the importance of baptism in Christian life.” Yahoo News, 4-17-18. Most Christians do not understand the biblical meaning of baptism, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a non-denominational author on biblical topics related to current events. He offers the following view.

The article stated that most Christians associate the baptismal process with Sunday afternoons, newborns, but also mentioned John the Baptist. But John baptized in Aenon “because there was much water there,” John 3, verse 23.

Biblical baptism was not done by sprinkling a newborn that has no understanding of the Christian life. The apostle Paul who wrote nearly half of the New Testament writes of Christ and baptism…

“We are buried with Him by baptism into death, that like as Christ was raised up from the dead…even so we also should walk in newness of life.” Romans 6, verse 4.

This is an outward confession of an inner change — a new life chosen by one who believes that Christ died for them and they are surrendering their old life to walk in His ways.

When the apostle Philip explained how Christ fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah 53 to a man of great authority from Ethiopia, he believed and when they saw water, they stopped the chariot for his baptism, Acts 8.

Infant baptism does not mean anything to the infant that does not understand what is happening. The Bible teaches that we are made in God’s image and He says, “Come, let us reason together,” Isaiah 1. He wants our understanding for all that involves the Christian life.

Too many ‘Christians’ that were baptized as infants live like hell because it was not something they chose with understanding as an outward confession that they are now a Christian.

The Protestant reformers understood the little horn that grew from the fourth beast in Daniel 7 represented the papacy that arose from the Roman Empire as it fell. The little horn had eyes like a man, and the Catholic Church has looked at many things from a human view, rather than what the Bible says. Infant baptism to save the baby in case it died, is an example.

Other churches believe that God will save the baby if the mother is saved because she would teach her child the way. Baptism is not essential to salvation—even the thief on the cross was promised salvation and there was no opportunity for his baptism.

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