Jinjiang swimwear fabric and trims professional market grand opening

On April 18th, the grand opening of Jinjiang swimwear fabric and trims professional market was held in Yinglin Industrial Park, Jinjiang.

As the “Chinese Famous City of Swimwear Industry”, “National Foreign Trade Transformation and upgrade Unit” and one of the four major swimwear industry bases in China, Jinjiang Swimwear is well known by the world. It is undoubted that the launch of the professional market for swimwear fabric and trims in Jinjiang city will bring the Jinjiang Swimwear to a new stage.

Professional swimwear supply chain

The professional market of swimwear fabric and trims is located in Yinglin Insustrial Park, Jinjiang. It is a first-phase construction project of the China Swimwear Industrial Park and it’s also the core starting area of swimwear featured town, covering a total area of 131,200 square meters. The leading companies such as Hosa, Qicaihu, Jinfeng, Hansen and Dunhuang, use the front stores of the existing factories to display their products. This attracts swimsuit fabric and trims suppliers and local e-commerce companies across the country to join the market. It is aim to build up a market for one-stop sourcing, integrated online and offline sales.

Up to today, a total of 72 merchants have been attracted to the market to share the 235 stores, including 36 fabrics stores, 23 accessories stores, 9 online and offline stores, 1 mechanical equipment store, 2 logistic companies. Among them, 183 stores are supplied by 10 companies in the park and are rent-free for three years.

Jinjiang City Swimwear Industry Association President Hong Shucong told the reporters that this market is the largest integrated swimwear professional market in China. Jinjiang Swimwear is also supported by government, associations and other parties. The establishment of this market will bring new vitality into the entire industry of Jinjiang Swimwear Industry and it will promote the upgrading of industrial clusters.

In response, Hong Jingxin, the general manager of Jinjiang Houshou, told reporters that consumers have high requirements for fast-fashion products, companies need high speed of reaction to the market which requires the support from the supply chain. The swimwear fabric and trims market will have a good support for the companies which require fast reaction to the market.

To build swimwear featured town, to innovate the city

“Currently, the China sports industry is into a new rapid development era. Consumers’ requirement to health and fashion is increasing. Travelling is getting more and more popular, the swimwear industry is experiencing high speed growth.” Hong Shucong believes that it is the right time to establish the swimwear professional market. In recent years, to become a sport and quality city, Jinjiang has more and more innovative actions, the establishment of the swimwear featured town is one of these.

Yinglin swimwear featured town is born under the concept of “city development with production, production through city development, integration of city and industry and integration of urban and rural area”. On the same day, the officer of Yinglin, Jinjiang, Xu Guoxin at the investment promotion meeting stated that, Yinglin town took advantage of the “Chinese Famous City of Swimwear Industry” and “National Foreign Trade Transformation and upgrade Unit” as an opportunity to bring more resources. The aim of this is to build the town to be a swimwear design and development center, a swimwear-manufacturing center, a swimwear business center and leading the swimwear fashion.

We are aiming to bring four characters into the town “production, invocation, environment and culture.”

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