Mango Studies: The Best Wedding Photographers in Canada

Curators and Creators of the Most Beautiful Timeless Images

Mango Studios is a photography business which has photographers located in Toronto, Canada as well as Miami, Florida, USA.  Mango Studios is pleased to admit the team of photographers and artists are like a very close family–with more than a decade of experience in the wedding business.

Mango Studios has been chosen to be one of the finest wedding photography businesses in Canada; for the simple reason that the team at Mango Studios is a dedicated group of responsible photographers and artists. The team at Mango Studios has even gone international; doing weddings in far off areas such as: Singapore, Greece, England, Thailand, Kenya and even in the Caribbean.

The buzz around this wedding photography firm comes straight from the people. Who are the people? Those connected with international publications such as Toronto Life Magazine, WedLuxe Magazine, and Wedding Bells Magazine. These are just some of the many sources that have loyal readers all across the globe. Mango Studios has been as a top wedding destination provider for a while now due to the passion for creating unforgettable wedding memories that are certain to last a lifetime.

The team of photographers at Mango Studios is supported by another team that is dedicated to excellence in customer relations.  These individuals provide customers with a flawless service and an awareness to even the tiniest of details.  It is due to the support of these individuals that helps the photographers capture the essence of your magical wedding day and allows Mango Studios to create wonderful memories with your wedding photographs.

The Story of Mango Studios

Mango Studios is far more than just the average wedding photography studio. There is an extraordinary story behind the studio’s creation. Mango’s story is the love story of Nancy and Mo, the couple that founded Mango Studios.  Nancy had the genuine talent for visual art and Mo was the business acumen. It wasn’t long before the two merged these talents to create the acronym of their first names–Mo And Nancy GOvindji–MANGO.   Mango Studios was born out of their love, as Mo and Nancy have been inseparable since the day they met. Their vision came to fruition, as Mango Studios is skilled in the art and representation of love. It tells the story of many beautiful weddings for couples and families in Toronto and Miami and many other places around the world.

About Mango Studios

Mango Studios is wholly committed to providing clients with the best service in the industry. These fine wedding photographers have wedding photography/design studios in both Toronto, Ontario and Miami, Florida, USA. The photographers and artists that work for Mango Studios are also available to do photography on the international level. If you are having a wedding in Singapore, Greece, England, or anywhere else in the world, your precious moments can be captured for eternity by these wedding photography specialists.

Mango Studios doesn’t just do excellent wedding photography. The services offered by Mango Studios ranges from wedding websites to photo booths and commercials. Another service that is promoted out of love for youngsters is children’s photography. Mango Studios is indeed magic of the very best kind because of the fantastic services that Mango Studios has been providing for a very long time.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mango Studios
Contact Person: Nancy Da Costa
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Phone: 416-366-4723
Address:9 Davies Avenue #203
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada