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Holistic Healthcare Center has cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT); this type of therapy is a therapy that enables one to learn how to train their brain to effectively handle stress and negative thinking.  This type of therapy is different than other therapies that are “talk-based” in the following ways:

  • There is no set amount of therapy sessions required for CBT.  It all depends on an individual’s situation.
  • Other talk therapies are free-flowing, while CBT is designed to meet specific goals.  CBT can uncover painful memories and emotions the individual may have various levels of anger, anxiety, and even mental anguish; however, through the CBT the person will be able to work through these emotions. 

The following structured method is used completing CBT:

  • Identifying your problem areas. 
  • Coming to awareness about certain thoughts and emotions one has.
  • Identifying why one has certain negative thoughts or thinking.
  • How to alter negative thought patterns.

Holistic Healthcare Center can also help to identify who is a good candidate for mental healthcare services using CBT also what the benefits of CBT are such as:

  • CBT can help manage the symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses
  • It can help people who have suffered from PTSD that results from traumatic events
  • Aiding couples in their relationship
  • Helping people to cope with the loss of a loved one
  • It can help people who have chronic pain or another medical issue
  • CBT can also help people overcome some situational issues such as stage fright of pre-exam nerves
  • Aids in overcoming phobias
  • CBT is an excellent aid and an integral part of many addiction rehab programs.

The other type of therapy offered here at the HHC Centre is coherence therapy.  This is also known as DOBT (depth oriented brief therapy) and this type of therapy is formed on the belief that our thoughts and actions are driven by our beliefs, the individual perceptions of the world which are formed at a very young age.  Coherence therapy is about trying to find what is the single most reason for certain negative thoughts or emotions and how to erase and resolve the problem. 

People that benefit from this type of therapy are:

If you feel that you or a loved or can benefit from the assistance at the Holistic Health Center, give the center a call and one of the empathetic professionals will schedule a no-obligation session to see if the HHC Center is right for the specific issues being struggled with.

About HHC Center:

The doctors and therapists at HHC Center does not just focus on the symptoms a person is having, but focuses on the entire person.  The doctors realize the body is a complete unit, and the body and mind are interconnected.  This means that many physical symptoms can be the result of a mental issues or an imbalance in one’s digestive system. 

Holistic therapy does not focus on treatment of disease; it is centered on the treatment of keeping the mind and body healthy. 

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