vSport, an eye catching project at the largest global blockchain expo in London

On April 18th, the world’s largest blockchain Expo was inaugurated with hundreds of top enterprises and thousands of people participating in London. This is unprecedented in the blockchain industry.

The meeting was attended by IBM, Bosch, CISCO, Coca-Cola Global director, Head of the Santander bank’s blockchain project, BP technology director, IBM global director, General Manager of Deutsche Bank marketing management department, and the founder of vSport blockchain.

The Expo lasted two days, from medical care, supply chain, food traceability to energy, logistics, manufacturing retail, real estate, sports industry and other fields, focusing on blockchain technology, blockchain application development, and the centralized utilization of the token economy. The experts who come from various blockchain fields gathered together, exchanged views on the exploration and development of blockchain technology in their respective industries.

Government of the United Kingdom has been actively embracing blockchain technology and has a very positive attitude to the cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. It aims at targeting blockchain technology for in-depth development, promotion and application. It will ensure the status of the UK’s new global financial technology industry center. the UK government incorporates blockchain into National Strategic Plan in 2016, build a good platform for the entrepreneurs of blockchain technology, and promote blockchain development in UK.

As a representative of sports blockchain, after being invited to the Sportem Exhibitionin Paris and the Singapore Blockchain Seminar, vSport went back to the Global blockchain stage again. Bai Qiang, the Founder & Executive Director of Sports Value Foundation Ltd, was invited to give a speech at Expo. The topic of his speech is “How Token Economy Works in Sport Industry”.

vSport is the first open platform in the world for sports industry on the basis of blockchain technology. Based on the creative value evaluation system, the basic digital facilities and value framework of blockchain technology are used in the field of sports subdivision and direction, to create a sports ecological circle that benefits all parties, and to create a new sports business environment.

Aiming at the problem of global sports realization, vSport designed a unique certification economy. It’s planned to issue tokens for clubs abroad. Fans can get relevant rights and interests after those tokens. Tokens can be circulated quickly between fans and clubs. At this stage, vSport is negotiating with many rather known clubs around the world, bringing as many clubs to its block chain as possible. In addition, this economy is also applied to the youth sports training.

At present, vSport has reached the strategic partnership with the largest sports social media channel in the world. Meanwhile, vSport has signed contract with manufacturer and franchiser of official licensed products of 2018 FIFA World Cup to improve its sales via block chain technology. In addition, vSport is also working with someGlobal football clubs, National Football Associations, sports stars and fan communities to help the real economy issue applications on block chain technology. And thus make effective use of blockchain technology in the real economy.

Exhibitors of the Expo have expressed high recognition of vSport’s blockchain project. They believed blockchain technology advocated by vSport can solve the value transformation dilemma faced by the global sports industry. At the present stage, vSport focuses on the high integration with the real economy and actively promoting project landing. It’s expected to be the sample of building blockchain entities on the global scale.

The Global blockchain Expo held in London is the largest conference this year. It also shows that the application and development of blockchain technology is sweeping the globe. The actual application and development cases of participating enterprises represent the highest level and future development of block chain industry at this stage.

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