Fairfax Benefits Consultants Educate NOVA Businesses On EEOC Complaints

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Fairfax benefits consultants at BBG release a blog educating businesses on how to avoid common EEOC complaints.

Fairfax, Virginia – April 20, 2018 – The Fairfax Benefits Consultants at Business Benefits Group, or BBG, recently released a blog on how to avoid common EEOC complaints. The blog details what EEOC complaints are and how they affect the workplace. It also lists various ways one can file an EEOC complaint, such as for gender or race. It also discusses how to file an EEOC complaint and the steps needed to do so. Tips on how to avoid EEOC complaints in the first place in order for your office to stay running smoothly are also offered in the blog. BBG benefits consultants want businesses to know that they are available to educate decision makers and their employees on the matter so they know how to avoid discrimination complaints t in the future.

EEOC complaints are mainly filed due to discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination charges can vary widely from age, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, race, disabilities, national origin, and pregnancy. They can either ] be considered harassment charges related to any of these issues, or charges claiming unfair treatment in the workplace because of discrimination. EEOC complaints are filed under an EEO counselor who follows a detailed process dedicated to solving the problem. The counselor will conduct an investigation shortly after the claim is filed where both the employee who filed the complaint and the office must come to a voluntary compromise to settle the issue. Although this may sometimes take months to complete, a thorough complaint process is vital for an employee and the organization to come to a fair and successful solution. If this process were not in place, a business may damage its reputation or suffer legal consequences from an employee harassment or discrimination lawsuit.

EEOC complaints, however, can be easily avoided with some simple techniques. Taking measures to put a stop to workplace discrimination before it occurs are great tools. Educating new employees about company ethical policies on discrimination and harassment during their initial onboarding will help them understand what is and isn’t acceptable and how to file a complaint should an incident occur. Conducting company-wide review workshops on workplace discrimination and harassment policy is also a great way to refresh employees’ knowledge of an organization’s zero-tolerance policies. Further education on the EEOC’s policies on workplace discrimination is an even better way to stop unethical behavior. Most importantly however, being in compliance with a possible EEOC investigation into the organization is necessary for a successful outcome. Keeping records of any incident filed by an employee is crucial to allowing an EEOC complaint investigation to run smoothly and effectively. If investigators have verified documentation of the incident they won’t have to pry deeper and elongate the process. As an organization, keeping incident and general personnel records on file for every employee will also help for future decision making about employees and their status in the organization if they are recorded as having engaged in harassment and discrimination.

BBG is a Fairfax benefits consultants group that assists businesses with developing benefits, insurance and retirement plans for their employees. They work towards an organization’s immediate and long term goals in providing solutions to employees’ needs. BBG Fairfax benefits consultants are also available to educated businesses’ and employees on all the laws and insights that surround workplace benefits, discrimination, and complaint policies.

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