Wealth and Success Coach Working on Much Anticipated New Coaching Book

Shaks A Meer to Continue Teach Readers to Unleash their True Greatness

Shaks A Meer, one of world’s top wealth coach and passionate author, is expected to release a new book in the not-so-distant future.  Fans are anxiously awaiting the upcoming publication which will be titled “The Millionaire Mindset- How to become unstoppable”.  In the meantime, Shaks is continuing his other motivational and educational endeavors such as his Millionaire-mindset series as well as his success coaching offered on his website.

“I am thrilled to continue teaching my readers and clients that they can go beyond self-doubts, conquer every fear that plagues them and can unleash their true greatness to become unstoppable,” recently stated Wealth Coach Shaks A Meer.  “It does my heart good to see clients unlock their full potential so they can soar.”

Not only is Shaks a success coach and accomplished author, he is a serial entrepreneur, teacher and researcher.  Most of all, he is a believer. With his bold and groundbreaking coaching methods, Shaks has helped thousands of individuals and businesses in achieving major success.

Only one year ago, Shaks himself was penniless.  Up against the odds, he overcame his own fears and embraced his inner genius to become one of the leading Wealth and Success coaches in the world.  His amazing paradigm shift is now inspiring his many fans to do the same and is taught in his success seminars and his coaching sessions.

“If I can do it, you can too,” is Shaks motto.  He also holds to the principle – “Clients first, no matter what.”  His global mission is the help every person realize their inner greatness and, in turn, create a beautiful world in the process where peace, harmony and joy prevail.

Shaks first book, “A Sudden Life Transformation” was a hit, inspiring thousands across the globe to live more successfully.  For his new book, he has spent endless hours with hundreds of millionaires and other successful people worldwide, gleaning on their knowledge and experience to bring his readers simple, yet extremely effective, approaches to help enable and inspire them to do the same. 

Shaks resides in London with his family.  He has been praised by his fans to be in the same ranks as other mountain moving motivational greats such as Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas.  Although he may not be recognized by the entire world as such yet, he is being hailed as a very promising rising star in the world of Success and Wealth Coaching.

To find out more about Wealth Coach Shaks A Meer and his success coaching or to keep up with the new book’s progress and expected release, visit the Shaks Meer website at http://www.shaksmeer.com.

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