Application of Land Scene Leads Block Chain to Real Economy

To promote the healthy development of blockchain industry, “2018 Singapore Blockchain Seminar”, jointly hosted by BCfans, COOIX, ToSpace and DISTINCT and supported by vSport,  HUOBI, Ifoods chain and b+, was successfully held in Prudential Tower on April. 14,2018.

From more than 100 industry technical experts, scholars, industry elites, and other insiders presented at the seminar to have a discussion on prospect of public chain project implementation. Such media as 18Zone, Golden Economy, Fireball Economy, TNW,CLZ, and Forbes also provided constant coverage of the seminar.

Raymond Lim, services director of Senior Financial in Prudential Singapore (private) Limitied Company, firstly gave a welcome address. Eddie Lee, vice President of Singapore Fintech association, vice President of b + law firm Guo Zhanzhi, Fire Currency Market director Wu Xing, and chairman of Global Parcel Mingyi Yang were invited to this summit and delivered speeches.

It is said by b + Law Firm vice President Guo Zhanzhi that the cooperative planning and development of block chain project is the top priority for the constructin of global health industry ecosystem. The subject of project financing, which must be publicity strategy, actually is not necessarily. As long as the subject meets the information disclosure requirements of the regulatory authorities, the financing subject of block chain project could be more diversified, and private limited company may be a better choice. However, compliance is the prerequisite for successful implementation of block chain technology, regardless of fields and projects.

b + Law Firm vice President Guo Zhanzhi made a speech

After that, Ifoods Chain (committing to providing solutions for global food safety based on block chain technology), vSport (appling token economy to sports industry), CLZ (information service platform of medical tourism), and ParcelX (the network of cross-border parcel) made speeches on ground application of star project.

Food Safety on Chains

As the founder of Ifoods Chain-the star project of food safty chain industry, Ji Rulin said that Ifoods Chain is the first C terminal-oriented intelligent hardware for food detection and it commits to becoming the standard-setter in global food block chain.

Ifoods, which focuses on food testing, is the ground chain for open source, and provides access to the USP protocol layer for global food industry participants. At the same time, it designed 2 applications: the B and C terminal-oriented MEMS super probe hardware for food detection and F Site-the B terminal-oriented distributed block chain application system for cross-border trading community. Ifoods will firstly applies the applications to the global beef trade market.

Founder of Ifoods chain Roo Jee Lin delivered a speech

Sports vs Block Chain, Flow Wins

Qiang Bai, the founder of VSport, said that whether block chain and real economy could deeply integrate and implement should depend on the technology service to real economy, and then create added value. What’s more, being pragmatic and improving the efficiency of social activities is the only criterion for the value of block chain project.

Secondly, the deeply combination with the real economy of sports industry by using the pass economy is also a problem. Only by accumulating users and making more and more people use it can we guarantee the circulation and value of our pass economy.

Now, VSport is building a huge flow chain community with 30 million followers on the international community and more than 15 million in China. In the future, vSport will put out the value assessment standard and trading platform of sports worldwide. Clear landing logic and application scenarios have already enabled them to collaborate with many world’s football clubs, soccer stars and the Belgian football association.

In addition to Fude Group, VSport also signed on with domestic top smart wear company as well as the world’s biggest football media, and it will also make block chain deeply integrate with real economy during the transformation of flow conversion both on and off chains.

Now, VSports, the sports block chain, could be the only one block chain project with tens of millions of flows.

The founder of VSport, Qiang Bai

CLZ – Setting up information service platform for medical tourism

CLZ founder Carlos Chou said that based on block chain and combined with more than 3000 partner institutions, now CLZ can build a butler service with the features of high-quality, privacy, security and reliability in the field of medical treatment, health and education and is committed to solve the pain points in traditional service of information inequality, privacy risk and process complexity among high net worth individuals and organizations.

Founder of CLZ, Carlos Chou

Adding Safty Chains on Physical Distribution

Mingyi Yang, the founder of ParcelX, says that ParcelX is a cross-border parcel network ecosystem that allows everyone to become a reliable node through the block chain technology. Through block chain technology and token economy, ParcelX can transform psychical distribution, the oldest industry, into a new blue ocean market and create the possibility of efficient, transparent and affordable cross-border parcel delivery.

The founder of ParcelX Mingyi Yang

The seminar not only presented block chain industry and the situation of application to Southeast Asia and the government, but also make a new “Block Chain” business card for innovation technology allied countries.  We hope the seminar will promote the sound development of block chain technology and build a beautiful world in the future!

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