Liven Up a Party with Customized Cocktail Napkins

Today’s napkins range from plain to elaborately designed pieces of cloth. Depending on the need or occasion, these items provide a utilitarian purpose by keeping diners cleaned and preventing food spillage. Those that are more intricately designed are also used for decorative purposes. With its variety of uses, napkins are versatile dining companions. 

History of Napkins

When looking at a brief history of napkins, from soft dough to paper, not many people know that there is an interesting history behind these essential dining pieces. Today, they are part of the items that keep everything sanitary, clean, and spillage proof. While some modern napkins are reusable, the first ones were actually edible. 

During the early days, the Spartans and the Ancient Greeks ate using their hands. To keep clean after a meal, an early version of napkins made from soft dough was used to remove excess food from the hands and other body parts. This eventually evolved into paper material, which was developed as an alternative. After paper, a form of cloth was discovered to perform the same function for after-eating cleanup. 

Uses for Modern Day Napkins

Today, there are more options for the napkin collector. From soft dough to paper, the material has expanded to include cloth incorporated with lace or other decorative materials. The napkin item also became known by a variety of names, such as serviettes or face towels. The name used in place of napkins depend on the place and the setting. For more formal or upper-class gatherings, some use the term serviette while napkins are used for less formal occasions. 

Soon, as napkins become integrated into the dining experience, the art of folding these items also became mainstream. Table napkins were fashioned into different forms and were used as a focal theme. The more interesting shapes were conversation pieces. Napkins are often partnered with accessories such as napkin holders for a distinct look. With the variety of materials available nowadays, it has been easier to customize the look and theme of a dining setting. Click this link here now to see how customized options can add a more exciting dining experience. 

Versatile Napkins for Every Occasion

There are more ways to liven up a dining setting. It could be through the delicious well-planned menu or the unique decorative items anchored to a theme. With the evolving needs of part planners and even ordinary customers, companies such as Promotion Choice offer ways to customize the dining experience. These are done by using different types of colors and designs. Unique artistic designs and promotional logos can also be printed on the material on a large-scale production level. 

With the variety of options today, there is always a napkin for the right occasion. As a versatile item, they can keep diners clean and also provide a conversation piece. For those who like to mix and match, napkins not only vary in design but also colors and material. With these wide array of options, a dining set can be livened up with the perfect napkins.

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