Medical Spa Business Owner Parker, CO, Awarded High School Students with Cash Scholarships

“From left: Parker Med Spa owner Tina Long, high school winner Shelby Johnson, and Parker Town Councilwoman Amy Holland.”
Dr. Tina Long of Parker Med Spa has a second event coming up at her business location in Parker, CO. She organized a program that gives away $500 in cash toward college scholarships to three students from three separate high schools. The second award ceremony for two remaining recipients has been announced.

Tina Long, founder of Parker Med Spa, has recently awarded one out of three high school students with a $500 cash gift toward funding their educational goals. The first recipient of the program was Ms Shelly Johnson from Chaparral High School. She got her scholarship prize on April 6th during a special ceremony at Parker Med Spa.

Tina Long sat down in front of the reporters to have an interview with Johnson. Long turned to Johnson, saying “You’re our very first recipient. We just started this program! Tell us about what you’re planning to do with the money.”

“I’m trying to become impactful and I want to make a difference,” said Johnson. She will be using the award to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an elementary school teacher when she transfers to University of Missouri.

The award ceremony had local media outlets present as well as the town of Parker Mayor Mike Waid and Councilwoman Amy Holland. They will also be attending the upcoming event, along with town council members Renee Williams and Debbie Lewis.

The next winner will be a mystery student from Ponderosa High School. This student has been applying to many scholarship programs, but has been denied. Her name will not be mentioned to keep this event a surprise.

The second scholarship prize giveaway will be held at Long’s medical spa office, located at 19767 Pikes Peak Ave, Parker, CO 80138, on Monday, April 23rd at 3 PM.

There is one more student from Legend High School who will also be considered for the $500 cash award.

Long has lived in Parker since 1993, and has been active in the community. She said, “I want to be able to enhance lives of the students of our local high schools.” The scholarship provides high school students with the ability to use the cash award toward their future educational goals and career, and she is planning on making this an annual event.

Having served as Councilwoman at Parker, CO, for four years, Long moved on to become even more active in the community. “This experience helped me understand how Parker helps our kids and businesses,” she explained.

In addition to her role in the governing organization, Long has been a professional speaker for over 20 years, and a business owner for more than 25. Giving back to the community with Parker Med Spa and public speaking is her main priority right now.

The success of her community and welfare of local residents is an important concern for Long, who takes an active role in helping around her area. In addition to providing young adolescents with educational scholarships, she spends time giving away hair removal and cold laser healing treatments for pain to people who need it.  She had donated $10,000 to Parker Task Force, which helped people in need with food, housing, and other basic necessities.

Parker Med Spa has been the recipient of the Best of the Best award by Colorado Community Media and other outlets since 2004.

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