Couture Jewelry Bouquets Makes Unique & Affordable Custom Jeweled Bouquets

Couture Jewelry Bouquets are the foundation of any amazing jewelry bridal bouquet. They create memories for generations.

A jewelry bridal bouquet also known as a brooch bouquet is the most personal fashion accessory a woman will probably ever have in her life; that’s why Couture Jewelry Bouquets takes the creation of their custom jeweled bouquets very seriously. Once the lucky bride has developed a theme for her wedding, and chosen her wedding gown, Couture Jewelry Bouquets will create a custom design that will reflect the style of the bride, complement the beauty of the wedding dress that will perfectly harmonize with the setting and the venue. 

Couture Jewelry Bouquets gives your bridal bouquet that little extra something to get everyone talking. They provide an endless assortment of jewelry and accents for your wedding bouquet.

There’s something special about wedding haute cake toppers. It is one of the most amazing aspects of modern weddings. Couture Jewelry Bouquets provides incredible wedding haute cake toppers to make your delicious cake extra special.

Couture Jewelry Bouquets makes custom rhinestone brooches for casual or formal occasions; offering a beautiful and special way to use sentimental pieces to make your bridal bouquet. Their varied and colorful rhinestone brooches collection features exclusively designed pieces that represents the most innovative forms of expression.

Couture Jewelry Bouquets’ works are truly stunning and will make you want to get married again just to have their gorgeous custom designs. Danielle Aspinwall is a true artist and creator of all the bouquets and jewelry.

About Couture Jewelry Bouquets

Couture Jewelry Bouquets was created by Danielle.  Danielle grew up with her grandmother who loved brooches and had a jewelry drawer full of intricate texture, sparkle and mostly wonderful memories. She could and would tell her the history of each piece, where she got it, who she was with when she found it or who gave it to her.

Danielle’s grandmother would always take her “antique shopping” and whenever she did, Danielle would always go instantly to the jewelry, always wondering what their stories were. This was the tradition that set Danielle up on the path of jeweled bouquets.

It wasn’t until Danielle was planning for her wedding that she started working with brooches. Her Mom asked her about adding brooches to her bridal bouquet to remember her grandmother.  Danielle started searching for brooch bouquets but couldn’t find anyone she loved. Either the quality was disappointing or they just weren’t what she was envisioning.

It was at this time that Danielle decided to combine what she learned as a child, her grandmother’s love for brooches, add in her creativity and style to create a Jeweled Bouquet. When her bouquet was complete, she had an amazing bouquet that she would treasure forever.

The response Danielle got from her family and friends was amazing. Her friends and family started wanting her to make them a bouquet, so she started Jeweled Bouquets.

Jeweled Bouquets has now evolved and grown into bridal jewelry bouquet. Danielle gets inspired by textures, colors, time periods, and by the fine details on wedding dresses. Her work has been featured on local news programming as well as TLC’s, Say Yes To The Dress.

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