Guide to Buying a Good Quality Linen Duvet Cover

You can never turn back once you sleep in linen. It is a natural fabric that is worth your investment. While bedding sheet sets and covers on the market boasts of luxury, softness, and thread count, these are not only the attributes that determine the quality. Everyone should strive to invest in bed linen that meets their needs. While we’re all restricted by our budgets, it’s imperative to spend as much as possible to get the best quality we can. Here is The Secret History of: The Duvet and some of the things you need to know before buying bed linen.

Natural Linen

The first thing to consider is whether your linen is 100% natural or not. Natural fibers and materials are always the best. There is a common misconception that linen will be a quality investment just because it has a high thread count. However, this isn’t the case. Natural linen lets your skin breathe and keeps you warm in winter and cooled in summer. As such, it allows you to regulate your body temperature. Moreover, natural linen is non-allergenic, highly absorbent, and doesn’t contain lint.

The Misconception of a High Thread Count

Often, consumers regard thread count as the only indicator of linen quality. The thread count of linen sheets usually ranges between 80 and 150. That means the thickness of linen fibers may be seen as much lower than that of a cotton sheet. However, the linen may feel softer if it’s prewashed or stonewashed. While new linen may feel stiff, it tends to soften up over time. It can last longer if you wash it properly. Linen made of synthetic materials such as polyester or rayon can often feel softer when you first buy it. Manufacturers might use that as a selling point, but the quality will decline over time. Whereas a quality linen duvet cover will get better as it ages, it will soften and become stiffer the more you wash it. You can find quality linen duvets like these at Linenshed.


Just like any other investment, linen will have a higher price mark. However, there are varying linen qualities. Based on your financial muscle, you may go for a middle or highly priced flax linen quilt cover. However, you may take time to look out for special deals and end up with a high-quality bargain. You could browse linen website extensively to get the most affordable linen that has a great selection. Look for impressive and affordable sets of flax linen cover that every stylist is racing out! It’s about knowing what is available on the market.

The Country of Origin

Stylists acknowledge the Belgian linen as the most exquisite quality compared to the French and Italian flax linen. Flax can either be sold as Belgian or French flax linen regardless of where it’s woven or finished since it grows in Belgium and France. The country of origin doesn’t always determine the quality. For example, while India is the leading producer of textile, it doesn’t mean it produces the best quality. However, linen produced in China might not be the best quality since China is not known for its top-notch weaving and finishing skills.

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