Tips for Shipping Fragile Ceramics Safely and Securely

Perhaps you’ve learned to pack ceramic mugs the hard way. However, you can’t afford to do a shoddy job the next time you will be shipping ceramics. In the past, shipped pots would arrive shattered at the final destination. The history of ceramics packing dates back 9,000 or 10,000 BC. Look no further as you can see it here and learn more about the evolution of packing ceramic coffee mugs. Over time, people have found new ways of packaging ceramics for transit. There are many approaches to packaging ceramic mugs for transportation. One of these approaches is the use of two layers of boxes to protect your ceramic mugs against damage. Moreover, placing peanuts between the packaging box and ceramics serves as void filler. You could also add a layer of bubble wrap around each ceramic mug to cushion it against blows.

Obtaining Packing Materials

The first step to begin the process of preparing your coffee mugs for a move is to obtain the packing materials. You can get most of these materials from a local or renowned coffee mug handlers such as Ember. The essential elements are packing tape and bubble wrap. They will make it easier for you to pack and move fragile coffee mugs safely. The next step after obtaining packing materials is to prepare ceramics for packaging. You could clean your mugs before placing them inside an appropriate box. Avoid using too large cases and ensure there is no room for your cups to tilt around during transit. Look for a small box that keeps your ceramics contained during transportation.

Bubble Wrapping

It begins with the preparation of the workspace followed by the acquisition of bubble wraps. It is vital to wrap fragile areas such as hand-built additions, lips, spouts, and handles. After covering the object, you can use stretch wrap tape to secure the delicate sections. However, this approach is only applicable for small spouts and ribbon-like handles. Don’t ever use packing tape before wrapping an object with bubble wrap as it can leave an adhesive residue behind. Furthermore, packing tape can stain the bubble wrap and make it unsuitable for reuse. After covering the entire mug with bubble wrap, make sure all bubbles face towards the ceramic mug’s surface. That helps compress the air inside and protect the object from damage. You can examine the wrapped cup by applying pressure to any point of the bubble wrap. You may require adding padding on all the sharp corners of the packaging material.

Use of Packing Peanuts for Double Boxing

You should use peanuts to fill the carton and cover all sides of the ceramic mug. It is vital to use double boxes for all shipments that involve heavy, expensive, or many ceramics. Failure to use double boxing is the top cause of breakages when shipping fragile mugs. Moreover, placing fragile items too close to the wall of the box can also cause damages. It is recommendable to pack delicate cups inside a large case and fill the inner space with foam peanuts. It is also important to wrap the box with packing tape. You only need one strip tape to wrap small boxes. However, it may be essential to use several strips for large cartons and international consignments.

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