The Issue of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Washington

Washington has recently voted the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, no one could sell marijuana legally until when the first licensed pot shop was authorized to sell up to an ounce of dried herb to persons of 21 years and above. With just a few pot shops slated to be opened, the Evergreen state has a long list of rules that restrict entry into the recreational industry. Here is what you need to know before you buy recreational marijuana in Washington.

Limited Supply

Even the lisensed dispensaries have a limited supply and operate under the Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA) Board. Moreover, they may not have enough supply since not everyone is permitted to grow weed. You might not be able to buy the herb online until the state liquor board has approved all marijuana-infused product. You must also fill all the approval forms and wait until the board approves your kitchen to start manufacturing marijuana-infused cookies. In fact, you can use this contact form to relay a message to the liquor board. Furthermore, it’s illegal to buy cannabis concentrates that users consume orally for recreational purposes.

Tourists and Out-of-State Friends Can Buy Legal Weed

Anyone 21 or older can buy up to an ounce of dried weed in Washington. While Colorado permits out-of-state residents to buy only a small amount of dried marijuana, Washington allows the outsiders to get the same amount of pot. However, out-of-state residents may struggle to find a place to smoke or vaporize. Washington prohibits public smoking and may impose hefty penalties on anyone found smoking in public. Washington residents are only allowed to smoke in their homes.

Quality Control Test

All marijuana-infused products in Washington must undergo the quality test. Manufacturers must also give each product a potency profile, which allows smokers to control their smoking experience. It is also mandatory to list all levels of cannabinoids on the product label. Meanwhile, Washington has set up two state-approved testing labs for screening contaminants such as pesticides and molds in black-market marijuana.

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You are not allowed to Grow Marijuana in Washington without Authorization

While residents of Colorado can grow up to six marijuana plants, Washington residents are subject to harsh penalties for growing even a single weed plant without authorization. However, the state’s medical law allow planting of up to 15 marijuana plants if you have a medical marijuana card. The state also considers sharing of dried weed with a friend as illegal. Washington is the second state to legalize recreational marijuana. Research suggests that marijuana legalization will reduce crime and boost economic growth. A recent poll found that residents of Washington support legalization of recreational dried weed.

However, the downside of legalization includes interstate transport of weed, which will increase the flow of marijuana to neighboring states. Concerns over marijuana-infused cookies are also raising alarms as they’re thought to entice children. However, Washington is already addressing this concern by requiring all marijuana-infused edibles to undergo rigorous tests. In fact, arrests in Washington have dropped significantly following the legalization of recreational weed. As a result, the harsh criminalization of minor weed misdemeanors has ended.

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